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Harvey Hackett

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Harvey Hackett
Stern Harvey
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Affiliations Levin Family
Relatives Kevin Levin (stepson)
Mrs. Levin (separated wife)
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance Absolute Power: Part 2

Harvey Hackett is the second husband of Mrs. Levin and the step-father of Kevin Levin. He first appears in Absolute Power: Part 2.



After Kevin's father was no longer in the picture, Mrs. Levin met Harvey and the two married, according to him, Kevin was four years old when they married, meaning it happened 13 years prior to Ultimate Alien. In a sense, this was just her part in giving Kevin a needed father figure, a decision that would later backfire. During that time, Harvey was made aware of the Levin family's secret; Kevin is an Osmosian. Though he loved Mrs. Levin, he accepted that she would never love him as much as she loved Kevin.

Harvey kevin ben

Ben, Ultimate Kevin and Harvey Hackett

Kevin's relationship with Harvey was turbulent at best. Kevin not only saw Harvey as a replacement for his real father, but as an obstacle for his mother's love. Harvey, despite accepting and raising Kevin as his own son, was afraid of him because of his powers - something that Kevin always suspected, which worsened their relationship.

The boiling point made its mark when Kevin somehow absorbed energy and demolished their old home. After that, Kevin became mentally unstable because of the energy and, coupled with the destruction of their house, as well as his initial dislike of Harvey, made himself believe that Harvey convinced Mrs. Levin to reject him. Taking this as a form of abandonment, Kevin ran away.

Harvey's activities after that incident remained unknown, just like when and how exactly Kevin came back into their lives after he was restored to human form and escaped the Null Void. Even after reconciling with his mother, Kevin still wasn't fond of Harvey.

Ultimate Alien

Harvey kevin

Kevin threatening to kill Harvey

Kevin's dislike of Harvey was made even more clear when he was Ultimate Kevin in Absolute Power: Part 1. When Harvey tried to intervene with Ultimate Kevin's madness, Kevin vents his rage at him for taking his real father's place and convincing his mother to kick him out into the street after the accident years earlier. Although Harvey made it frankly clear that Kevin misunderstood everything that happened; further owing to Kevin's instability at the time. Despite Kevin threatening to kill him in order to get to Gwen, Harvey stood firm, telling Kevin that he was no longer afraid of him.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


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