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Hands of Armageddon

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Hands of Armageddon
General Information
User Eon
Eon's Servants
Type Gateway
First Appearance Ben 10: Race Against Time

The Hands of Armageddon was a Chronian artifact that existed throughout time and space, in many alternate timelines. It was used in Ben 10: Race Against Time, by Eon in an attempt to start a Chronian invasion of Earth. It is mentioned by Professor Paradox that it is a cross time gateway.

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Hands of Armaggedon2

In Race Against Time

The Hands of Armageddon appeared again in Ben 10,000 Returns. It is revealed that the first time they appeared was in an alternate timeline. It was destroyed throughout space and time (in the desert so it could be destroyed safely) and subsequently destroying every other version that exists.

Attempts At Its Destruction

  • In the first attempt, the energy force created the Grand Canyon.
  • In the second, it caused a large earthquake.
  • In the third, it started the Great Chicago Fire.
  • In the fourth attempt, it caused a blackout in Bellwood.
  • In the fifth attempt, it allowed Eon to use Ben 10,000 and Ben's Ultimatrixes to arrive at the scene.
  • In the sixth attempt, it was destroyed.

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