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Gwen's Teleportation Spell

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Gwen's Teleportation Spell
Teleport spell full
General Information
Caster Gwen Tennyson
Type Teleportation
First Appearance Fused

Gwen's Teleportation Spell is a spell that can teleport the user and/or their targets.

The user would wave his/her arms causing a gust of pink wind to spiral out, grow and surround the whole area, and it teleports the user and/or their target(s). After the destination is reached, the user and his/her targets will hover above the ground in a small pink tornado. The wind will clear out, making the user and other teleported people land on whatever is underneath them.

The spell has a side effect of causing exhaustion and headaches to the user.


In Fused, Gwen used this spell to escape Aggregor with AmpFibian and Kevin.

In A Knight to Remember, Gwen used this spell to teleport herself, Ben and Kevin from the Rust Bucket 3 to the seal.

In Inspector 13, Gwen used this spell to teleport herself and Kevin into Inspector 13's ship.

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