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General Information
Species Protost
Affiliations Tetrax
Occupation(s) Pilot
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shape Shifting
High Intelligence in Spaceships
Alias Snotty (by Ben)
First Appearance Secret of The Omnitrix

Gluto is a Protost from the humid moon Myceto, who debuts in Secret of the Omnitrix. He has multiple arms and is peachish-pink, is the pilot of The Resolute, and a DNA Force member. He can regenerate himself from a dot of his slime when attacked and is a capable fighter. He saved Gwen from Vilgax's drone, and Vilgax could not defeat him in battle.


Gluto at the spaceship controls

Gluto can shapeshift to a degree, which comes in handy when piloting a ship that requires at least three arms to run properly. Gluto wears a suit that allows him to walk on legs for better mobility. His only naturally distinct features are his three eyes and two antennae-like tentacles. Gluto also owns a Universal Translator.

Gluto's design

Early Gluto concept art

Gluto quickly develops a fondness and friendship for and with Gwen, who sneaked onto the Resolute, which provokes him to place himself in harm's way to help her. When Vilgax's forces invade the ship, Gluto attacks Vilgax himself, and Gluto is seemingly killed when one of Vilgax's drones explodes after he has enveloped it. Later, it is revealed that Gluto has regenerative capabilities, as he saves Gwen from vicious Florauna before joining in during the final battle.

After Vilgax is defeated, Gluto is revealed to be able to speak English (with a Universal Translator), of which Ben had been unaware; Tetrax, when questioned about Gluto's regeneration and speech ability, replies humorously, "Who knew?". Later during battle Gluto comes back to life and moves along side with Gwen, Gwen said that when he protected her from the drone and he exploded that he regenerated from the goop that got on Gwens' clothes.


  • Gluto is very similar to Goop in terms of powers, as both are made of a similar material. However, unlike Goop, Gluto does not have feet, is pink, and does not need an Anti-Gravity Projector to move.

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