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Girl Trouble

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Girl Trouble
Girl Trouble
General Information
Original broadcast March 11, 2011
Series Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
Season 2
Episode number 25
Overall number 123
Written by Eugene Son
Directed by Dan Riba
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Previous episode The Big Story
Next episode Revenge of the Swarm
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Girl Trouble is the twenty-fifth episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.


The group go to Gwen's house in order to find a solution to stop Computron's minions from Dimension 12. When they go inside her room, they find another girl already on her bed. It turns out to be Sunny, a cousin of Ben and Gwen.

Kevin enojado Sunny y Ben

Sunny and the boys

Gwen tries to persuade her mother to get rid of Sunny, but she explains that Sunny is staying over the summer because her parents want her to be around a good influence, like Gwen. Sunny tries to flirt with Kevin and is forced to go with the team to stop an invasion of Dimension 12 robots, annoying all of them during the car ride. When they arrive at the location the robots are appearing, they fight them. Sunny sees the commotion happening and gets out of the car to see. She then reveals her Anodite powers and destroys the rest of the robots, shocking everyone.

Sunny usando sus poderes anoditas

Sunny in her human disguise using her powers.

Natalie is informed of Sunny's Anodite powers and thinks of whether she should stay or not, considering her dislike for Anodites. Suddenly, they get a visitor and it is revealed to be Sunny's boyfriend Antonio, who she always kept talking about, but Antonio is really a giant, caveman-like alien with little intelligence.

Sunny decides to run away with Antonio and before they could go after them, Ben informs Gwen of another attack of the Dimension 12 robots. The robots have a plan to use a particle accelerator on a small canister bomb to make its energy levels stronger in order to destroy Earth. Ben transforms into Lodestar and they attack the robots again, before Sunny and Antonio join the fight.

  • The team is ready for action
  • Sunny reveals her Anodite powers
  • Grandma Verdona comes to help Ben and Gwen

Kevin shuts down the particle accelerator by smashing its control device and when they try to get Sunny to go back home, Sunny refuses to and sheds her human skin, revealing her Anodite form. When Gwen threatens to tell Sunny's parents about her misbehaving, a fight ensues. Gwen fights Sunny, Humungousaur fights Antonio and Kevin is in charge of making sure the upgraded canister bomb doesn't blow up and destroy them all.

Sunny overpowers Gwen and Antonio's strength is too much for Humungousaur, so he transforms into Ultimate Humungousaur and quickly gains the upper hand, while Gwen calls her grandmother Verdona through the mana field.

Ultimate Humungousaur tricks Antonio by picking up an unlit light post, while Antonio picked up a lit light post that shocked him and knocked him out. Kevin disarms the bomb by pulling its cord. Before Sunny could finish off Gwen, Verdona arrives and overpowers Sunny, trapping her in her own shield.

Verdona also takes the unconscious Antonio, and says that their parents are going to sort out everything. Verdona says goodbye and claims that Gwen's powers have developed well, considering the lack of formal training, citing the fact that Gwen was able to contact Verdona via the mana field and offers her another chance to go to Anodyne with her to practice her powers, but Gwen turns the offer down again. Verdona leaves with Sunny and Antonio and the group go to clean up the robots' mess from the battle against Sunny and Antonio.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events



Aliens Used

Spells Used



Kevin: (mimicking Gwen) "Kevin, shut down the particle accelerator! Kevin, disarm the fusion bomb!" (in his normal voice) If this thing blows up, I'm never speaking to those guys again.

Quotes Right


Kevin: She's pretty powerful. How come you can't do that?
Gwen: Because...SHUT UP!

Quotes Right


Gwen: Kevin, can you shut down the accelerator?
Kevin: I don't know, you need like a PhD to use one of these things.
Gwen: Figure it out!
Kevin: (presses a button) Nope. (presses a button) Nope. (presses a button) Nope. Aw, just forget it. (hits control panel and particle accelerator shuts down) Huh what do you know?

Quotes Right

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Hungarian Lányos gond Girly Problem
Portuguese (Br) Garota Problema Girl Trouble
Spanish (HA) Batalla Entre Primas Battle Between Cousins
Spanish (Spain) Chica Problematica Ploblematic Girl


  • This episode reveals that Ben and Gwen have another set of aunts and uncles, specifically on their grandmother's side
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