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General Information
Home World Pattersonea
Body Yeti
Powers and abilities
Abilities High Voltage Electrokinesis
Lightning Breath
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Jumping
First Appearance Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United

Gimlinopithecus are a yeti-like species from the planet Pattersonea.


Gimlinopithecus are large, muscular, furry, yeti-like creatures. They have bolts on different parts of their body, and so far they have been on the wrists and neck. Gimlinopithecus have grey faces.

Male Gimlinopithecus tend to be yellow, with black areas on their limbs and white lightning bolts bordering these areas. Gimlinopithecus from Dimension 23 are blue instead of black.

Female Gimlinopithecus have a hgher proportion of white areas on their body, and are a paler shade of yellow. They also have a more feminine figure, with a skinnier waist and a more voluptuous chest.


Gimlinopithecus are polite, unless they are playing hockey.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Similar to Cerebrocrustaceans, Gimlinopithecus can release strong, yellow electrical charges from their hands, mouth and body, capable of shocking a creature much larger than them.

Notable Gimlinopithecus

Notable Gimlinopithecus Hybrids


"Gimlinopithecus" is partially based on the last name of Robert "Bob" Gimlin, who, along Roger Patterson, filmed a apparent Bigfoot in a 1967 film known as Patterson-Gimlin film. 

"Gimlinopithecus" is also based on Gigantopithecus, a genus of large extinct apes that many cryptozoologists believe are the ancestors of Bigfoot, the Yeti, and other similar cryptids.  


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