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General Information
Species Ectonurite
Home World Anur Phaetos
DNA source Zs'Skayr
Body Ghost
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight
Space Survivability
Body Possession
Movable Eye
Sharp Claws
Skull Rotation
Energy Beams
Voice Actor Steven Blum
Jeff Bennett
First Appearance Permanent Retirement

Ghostfreak is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Ectonurite from the planet Anur Phaetos in the Anur System.


Ben as Ghostfreak

Ghostfreak is a phantom/ghost-like alien with claw like hands. He has grey skin with black lines running all over it. This skin is removable and he has tentacles underneath it. If his skin gets ripped off, his true form will unveil.

In the original series, Ghostfreak's Omnitrix symbol peeked out of his skin on his lower left chest. He spoke with a faint, whispering voice.

In Alien Force, Ghostfreak looked like Zs'Skayr, except that his eye was green and the Omnitrix symbol is on his chest. His voice was considerably deeper, and it sounded more like he was gasping.

In Ultimate Alien, Ghostfreak looked like the Ectonurites from Ghost Town,  but was more muscular. His eye was bigger and green, and the spikes on his elbows were gone. Ghostfreak wore the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest instead of inside his skin.

In Omniverse, 16-year old Ghostfreak now has green chains all over his front side which lead to his neck, waist, and center/chest. The spikes on his elbows have returned and his skin is now a greenish white. He also has two cuffs on each of his arms. The Omnitrix symbol is located at the center of his chains. His voice has returned to the faint and whispering kind. When possessing someone, he has a green glow. He also appears to have a mouth because of the lines on his face. His skull is now upside-down.

Bad Ben as Ghostfreak

Bad Ben's Ghostfreak is similar to 16-year old Ghostfreak, except the green parts of Ghostfreak are colored mint green. He sounds more like Zs'Skayr compared to his main counterpart.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ghostfreak possessing Darkstar
  • Ghostfreak's tentacles
  • Ghostfreak's invisibility
  • Ghostfreak's intangibility

Ghostfreak's powers are composed of several aspects of traditional ghosts from myths and lore, such as hovering and phasing through solid matter, making his intangibility a powerful defense as well as a means of infiltrating high-security locations. He has been shown to be capable of making other objects or people intangible as well through physical contact.

Ghostfreak can fly, has a movable eye, can become invisible, and can survive in space. Ghostfreak is able to possess the bodies of his enemies and control their movements, allowing him to freely slam them against walls or hit themselves. He can also access the abilities of other beings that possess superpowers. In the case of Darkstar, he also had access to his powers once he possessed him.

Ghostfreak can use the tentacles under his protective skin as a means of scaring his enemies into submission. However, Ghostfreak has also been seen using them to grab heavy objects, such as a bus full of people. The tentacles also appear to be resistant towards sunlight, which is shown when Ghostfreak saved the people on the bus with his tentacles without burning.

Ghostfreak's true form, without his protective skin, has telekinetic abilities, as seen in Ghost Town, when he fought against Vilgax using only his telekinetic abilities and energy beam projection. His true form also has sharp teeth and claws, as well as an inverted skull. His outer skin protects him from burning in the sunlight.

Ghostfreak is immune to Darkstar's energy absorption ability, as an Ectonurite has no life force in the conventional sense. 

Ghostfreak can rotate his skull.[1]


Much like other intangible beings, certain substances can neutralize Ghostfreak's intangibility and his invisibility, as seen in Hunted, when Kraab neutralized Ghostfreak's intangibility and invisibility with a special, orange liquid.

Ghostfreak's second skin inhibits many of his powers, but removing it makes him vulnerable to sunlight.

Though he is able to fly, he is not very fast in the air, and therefore must rely on his intangibility and invisibility to evade attacks.

In the original series, Ghostfreak's DNA was linked to the conscience, memories, and personality of Zs'Skayr, who took over Ben and freed himself after the Omnitrix timed out, making Ghostfreak a dangerous alien to use. However, Ghostfreak now exists independently from Zs'Skayr, complete with Ben's personality, so this is no longer an issue.

His intangibility is useless when faced by another being that can go intangible.

Magic can also harm Ghostfreak.  


Ben 10

Prior to Alien Force

Alien Force

  • Ghostfreak returned to Alien Force in Ghost Town,
    • Ben scanned Zs'Skayr again and transformed into Ghostfreak, but Zs'Skayr quickly regained control. With the "help" of Vilgax, Ghostfreak was able to revert back to Ben.

Ultimate Alien



Bad Ben


Ben 10



Ben 10: Alien Force

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Ben 10: Omniverse

Video Games

Ben 10: Galactic Racing

Online Games

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Greek Φαντασμα From Ghost-Freak
Burmese The White Smoke/Ghost/Genie
Croatian Prikaza From prikaza, apparition or ghost.
Dutch Spokie / Ghostfreak From spook, ghost, and from the English name.
Finnish Oikkuaave From oikkuaave, freakghost.
French Spectral From spectral, spectre.
German Schattenmonster From schattenmonster, shadow monster.
Hebrew רוח פחד From רוח, ghost and פחד, fear.
Hungarian Szellem From szellem, ghost
Italian Pelle d'oca From pelle d'oca, goosebumps.
Korean 섀도우 From 섀도우, shadow
Japanese ゴーストフリーク From ゴーストフリーク (Gōsutofurīku).
Norwegian Ånden From ânden, ghost/spirit/genie.
Polish Fantom From fantom, phantom
Portuguese (Brazil) Fantasmático Combination of the word "fantasma" (ghost) and the word "ático", which means freak.The same as Fanatic. Fantasmatic.
Romanian Stafia From stafia, ghost.
Russian Призрак / Prizrak From призрак/prizrak, ghost.
Serbian Утвара / Utvara From утвара/utvara, spectre.
Spanish (Spain) Espectral From espectral, spectre.
Spanish (Hispanic America) Fantasmático Combination of the word "fantasma" (ghost) and the suffix "-ático", which means belonging.
Swedish Skuggan From skuggan, shadow.
Turkish Gölge Hayalet From gölge, shadow and hayalet, ghost.
Arabic جوست فريك

From the original name

Chinese 鬼影 From 鬼 (Gúi), ghost and 影 (Yǐng), shadow.


Ben 10

  • 4" Ghostfreak
  • Ghostfreak (Battle Version)
  • Ghostfreak (DNA Alien)

Ben 10: Alien Force

  • Alien Creation Figures from (Ben 10) Ripjaws and Ghostfreak

Ben 10: Omniverse

  • 4" Ghostfreak


  • According to Ben in the original series, he was always creeped out when he was Ghostfreak and was still scared to transform into him 6 years later (especially after the Zs'Skayr incident), but when he transforms into Ghostfreak in Mystery, Incorporeal, he states that he feels like himself, suggesting that he is no longer in danger of being taken over by Zs'Skayr.
  • Ghostfreak makes a small cameo in the game FusionFall, inside the Dizzy World Infected Zone.
  • He replaces Shocksquatch in the intro for Omniverse's Arc 5 (the part with Toepick, Astrodactyl, and Bullfrag).
  • In Mystery, Incorporeal, it is revealed that Ghostfreak, and other Ectonurites, don't have mana in them (as mana is life energy, and Ectonurites are not alive in the same way that most life forms are).
  • When Zs'Skayr broke out of the Omnitrix, Ghostfreak became the first alien to be removed from it, until he was taken back in Be Afraid of the Dark. Prior to Alien Force, however, he was removed from the Omnitrix, along with Zs'Skayr.
  • Ghostfreak is the only alien to have a different appearance in all four series.


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