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Geochelone Aerio

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Geochelone Aerio
Geochelone Aerio Species
General Information
Home World Aldabra
Body Bipedal Tortoise
Powers and abilities
Abilities Aerokinesis
Durable Shell
Rapid Spinning
Air Suction
Enhanced Strength
Retractable Claws
Selective Mana Immunity
Poison Gas Immunity
Selective Magic Immunity
Mana Manipulation
First Appearance Escape from Aggregor

Geochelone Aerios are a species from the planet Aldabra, in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Geochelone Aerios are a green turtle-like species with eight holes in their torsos. They have large, flipper-like arms, small stumpy legs and white eyes with no pupils. They also have lines going down their eyes.


Geochelone Aerios are non-violent and prefer to spend their time eating grass and debating philosophy with each other.

Geochelone Aerios appear to enjoy gathering in groups.

Powers and Abilities

Geochelone Aerios can retract into their shells and blow powerful winds out of the holes on their torsos.

They have holes in their hands, containing retractable claws.

Geochelone Aerios can fly by blowing air though their torso holes to push themselves along.

When flying or creating wind, their fins become triangular and their legs combine into a similar shape. Their appendages then rotate with the shell staying static and suspended.

Geochelone Aerios are immune to mana attacks.

Geochelone Aerios are strong enough to throw a car, as demonstrated by Galapagus in Escape from Aggregor.

According to Dwayne, Geochelone Aerios can learn to use magic.[1]

Notable Geochelone Aerios

Notable Mutated Geochelone Aerios

Notable Geochelone Aerio Hybrids


"Geochelone" is a genus of tortoises and "Aerio" is latin for air.


  • According to Dwayne, some Geochelone Aerio philosophers have thought of lying, but they don't do it.
  • Because the Geochelone Aerios are from the Andromeda Galaxy, Geochelone Aerio DNA wasn't in the Codon Stream until the Ultimatrix scanned Galapagus.
  • Techadon Weapon Master Number 13 refers to Geochelone Aerios as Aldabrans.


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