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General Information
Species ½ Human ½ Unknown
Home World Earth
Affiliations Ben Tennyson
Occupation(s) Wrestler
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Sharp Claws
Sharp Teeth
Relatives Porcupine (brother)
Mrs. Fang (mother)
Mr. Fang (father)
Voice Actor Jason Spisak
First Appearance Ready to Rumble

Gaterboy is a pro-wrestler and is the brother of Porcupine.


Gaterboy looks like an upright alligator. Gaterboy wears a yellow-green wrestling suite with a belt with the letter "G", referring to his name.



He had, through unknown methods, gained animalistic attributes as suggested by his name (it is hinted to be genetic).

Ben 10

Gaterboy first appears in Ready to Rumble with his brother, Porcupine. They became involved with organized crime lord named Mr. Beck, and were forced to compete in the underground wrestling matches in order to obtain the needed money to save their mother and their farm. After Ben won the competition, he ended up aiding them to save their mother and turned over the prize money. Their mother was kidnapped by a criminal and the brothers and Ben went to the rescue. Ben saved the mother as Ditto and defeated the head criminal by using his size against him.

Powers and Abilities

Gaterboy appears as a humanoid alligator with enhanced strength,  sharp claws, and teeth.


Ben 10


  • It is unknown what species his father is, as he resembles a alligator, and Porcupine resembles an porcupine (yet their mother is Human).

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