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Garbage Monster

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Garbage Monster
General Information
Species Mutated Bacterium
Occupation(s) Pollutor
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Regeneration
Garbage Manipulation
Enhanced Strength
Size Changing
Alias A Toxic Ecological Nightmare
Toxic Monster (Gwen)
Voice Actor John DiMaggio
First Appearance The Widening Gyre

The Garbage Monster first appeared in the episode The Widening Gyre as the main villain in the episode.


He resembles P'andor's true form, but instead of living radiation and energy, he's a living garbage pile.



As people continued to dump trash into the Pacific Ocean, the currents swept the garbage together until the garbage pile (now called the Pacific Garbage Vortex) ended up being twice the size of Texas. The governments of the world tried to rid of it by dropping a missile containing a plastic eating bacteria on it, but the plan backfired when the bacteria mutated and fused with the garbage, bringing it to life.

Ultimate Alien

In the present, the Garbage Monster began attacking boats, capturing the humans on them, and heading towards the mainland, desiring more garbage to increase its mass. It clashes with Ben's Team when they arrive to rescue its captive, but they manage to escape. As it nears the mainland, the Garbage Monster takes on the form of a giant humanoid.

During a confrontation with Way Big, the Garbage Monster is sucked into a vortex created by his opponent, and thrown into the sun.

Powers and Abilities

His basic ability is to manipulate the garbage on or around him.

He is shown to have enough strength to hold his own and throw Way Big around.

When losing a limb, he can simply regenerate with the seemingly infinite garbage at his disposal.

He can change his own size by adding the previously stated massive piles of garbage.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

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