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Vilgax Fusion

Fusion Vilgax is a copy of this conquer of worlds in the game FusionFall.


Fusion Vilgax takes the form of Vilgax from the original series, with his enhancements. The difference is that he has Fusion Matter Skin.

Video Games


Fusion Vilgax was sent by Fuse to deliver power/souls to Demongo and Vilgax wanted to capture his intell on Fusion Demongo. The Hero was to attack Fusion Vilgax to retrive information on Fusion Demongo. When he is defeated, a Vilgax Nano is born.


  • He is a Blastons type Fusion.
  • He is in contact or carries information on Fusion Demongo.
  • The Mission is called Souls for Sale referring to how Fusion Vilgax helps Fusion Demongo retrieve lost souls but the mission name sounds like a Fusion Demongo Mission instead of a Fusion Vilgax Mission.
  • He seems to have eruption attacks.

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