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Fusion Tetrax is an evil copy of the bounty hunter sent by Fuse to invade Earth in the game, FusionFall.


As a Fusion, his primary objection is to take the form of his opposite, Tetrax.

The difference between the two is that Fusion Tetrax is that he was riding a Hover Board, was showing his face, red/orange Eyes and Fusion Matter Skin.



Fusion Tetrax was sent by Fuse to create an Army of Fusion Dinosaurs but Tetrax sensed that something wasn't right. The Hero is sent to the Green Maw to travel deep into the infected Zone to defeat a dozen Slag Cephalapods in order to safely enter Fusion Tetrax's Lair. The Hero then interrupts Fusion Tetrax's work and destroys him creating a Humungousaur Nano.


  • It is unknown how Fusion Tetrax retrieved Tetrax's hoverboard and bounty hunter equipment.
  • Fusion Tetrax probably has Diamond hard skin since he is a Level 36 fusion monster.
  • It is obvious that he contains a Humungousaur Nano since he is working on Fusion Dinosaur Projects.

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