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Fusion Max is a copy pf Max Tennyson created by Lord Fuse to invade Earth in the Game, FusionFall.


As a Fusion, he appears as his host, Max Tennyson.

The difference between the real Max and Fusion Max is that Fusion Max has black hair and Max has gray hair, his shirt is green instead of red, he carries a Plasma Rifle with him all the time, red/orange eyes, dark green pants, green-black shoes instead of black shoes and has FusionMatter skin.


Fusion Max had been sent by Fuse to the Fissure in Townsville Park (TP's Infected Zone) to research fusion matter in Galxy Gardens however he had come arcoss Max researching how Fusion Matter adapts to plants and records them on his laptop. Fusion Max then sends Sky Drones to attack Max; Max had then dropped his Laptop in the Gardens. The Hero is to retrive the Laptop and return it to Max. But Dexter interrupts the mission and tells the Hero that Fusion Max had kidnapped him and brought him to his hideout, The Fissure. The Hero is to rescue Dexter by defeating the Shaddy Streetlights guarding him. After that the Hero is to return Max's Laptop to Dexter stating that Max's research is similar to Mojo's research with Fusion Matter and Bananas. The Hero is then to defeat Fusion Max while keeping him from attacking Dexter and from retriving the Laptop. After Fusion Max is defeated, a Four Arms Nano appears for your keeping.


  • The Plasma Rifle he carries is the same weapon that players can use during the game.
  • All though he isn't Fusion Ben, he carries a Four Arms Nano.
  • Him carrying a Four Arms Nano represents how Ben used Four Arms in the original series, where Max had assisted instead of Kevin.
  • He is located in Townsville Park.
  • He seems interested in Max's Research instead of Mojo's.
  • It is unknown how he obtained a Plasma Blaster.