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Fusion Hex is an evil copy of the sorcerer sent by Fuse in the game FusionFall.


Since he is a Fusion, his appearance is the same as Hex's, but with green-colored skin.


Fusion Hex was sent by Fuse to summon Volcano Toads to steal Hex's Magic Box and send it to Fuse to create Magically Minions. However Fuse doesn't seem to understand the power and has ordered Fusion Hex to create the monsters instead of him doing it. The Hero is sent to retrieve the Box and return it to Hex by defeating the toads but Hex notices that the power was temped with. The Hero then has to attack Fusion Hex and privene the power to be used. The Hero then attacks Fusion Hex and is then given a Hex Nano.


  • Fusion Hex was given the job to reveal the secrets of Hex's Power for Fuse to understand how to create monsters.
  • Fusion Hex is located in Dinosaur's Pass.
  • On the way to retrieve the Magic Box, Tetrax gives a transmission stating how Hex shouldn't be trusted.