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Fusion Echo Echo is an evil copy of Echo Echo sent by Fuse in FusionFall.


As a Fusion, he appears as Echo Echo. The difference is the red eyes, holes, foot amps, mouth, SoundBox (on his back) and Fusion Matter Skin. Like Fusions, he usually resembles Albedo.



Ff megafusion echoecho 384x216

Mega Fusion Echo Echo Flyers

Fusion Echo Echo is the guard of Fusion AmpFibian. He stole AmpFibian Nanos from DexLabs to create a Fusion AmpFibian. He is the only type of guard for the Fusion Lab and is only found in the Fusion Lab. There are no mini Fusion Echo Echos or Mega Fusion Echo Echos. He is in Genius Grove. His only other appearance is in the April Fools event. This is the only current way to battle him. He is a level 7 fusion.


  • It is located at Fusion AmpFibian's Lair (Fusion Lab).
  • When defeated, he releases Forever Ninja Sets.
  • He now has a Mega or Bigger version that when defeated, releases miniature clones that when the clones are defeated they release Forever Knight Ninja or King sets.
  • His New Location is Genius Grove.
  • He is the 1st Fusion with multiple clones that release items.
  • He is shown to invade Genius Grove at 7:00 for a week only. It is unknown if he is still out.