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Frank Tennyson
Frank profile
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Occupation(s) Lawyer
Powers and Abilities
Relatives Lili Tennyson (wife)
Gwen Tennyson (daughter)
Kenneth Tennyson (son)
Verdona (mother)
Max Tennyson (father)
Carl Tennyson (brother)
Sandra Tennyson (sister-in-law)
Ben Tennyson (nephew)
Vera Tennyson (Aunt)
Gordon Tennyson (Uncle)
Joel Tennyson (cousin)
Camille Mann (cousin-in-law)
Alias Gwen's Dad
Uncle Frank (Ben)
Voice Actor George Newbern
First Appearance What Are Little Girls Made Of

Frank Tennyson is the husband of Lili Tennyson, the father of Gwen and Ken, the brother of Carl Tennyson and the son of Max Tennyson and Verdona. He was discussed in the last episode of the original series, when Gwen stated that her father got a new job and had to move and go to Ben's school. He was later introduced in the Ben 10: Alien Force in the episode What Are Little Girls Made Of?. When Gwen told him about her powers, he said he hoped that the day she met her grandmother would never come.

He apparently already knew about his father's life as a Plumber. He does not have the "the spark" that his daughter has and that gives her her powers; however, in the episode What Are Little Girls Made Of?, Grandma Verdona states that he always knew when she was eavesdropping on him while being invisible to the human eye. He also thought Gwen was going out with Kevin without telling him or her mother, with had made both blush.


Alien Force


Frank wears glasses and has thin brown hair. He wears a smart polo shirt with a burgundy sweatshirt covering it. He also wears tan trousers.


  • As stated by Gwen in Double or Nothing, he is a lawyer.
  • Frank is voiced by George Newbern who is best known for voicing Superman in various DC cartoons and movies.
  • Frank and his brother, Carl, are human. Neither of them have "the spark".

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