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Forever Ninja
ForeverNinja OV
General Information
Species Robot
Age Unknown
Affiliations Forever Knights
Negative Ten (formerly)
Driscoll (formerly)
Sir Morton
Joseph Chadwick
Twin Knights
Occupation(s) Forever Knight Ninja
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Martial Arts
Enhanced Speed
Expert Swordsman
Enhanced Strength
Equipment Specialized Armor
Laser sword
Sharp energy blades
Alias Forever Knight Ninja
Ninja Boy (By Four Arms)
Red Knight
First Appearance Perfect Day

The Red Knight or Forever Knight Ninja is a robot member of the Forever Knights and was a member of the Negative 10.

Ben 10

Forever Knight Ninja3
The Forever Ninja in the Original Series
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He was defeated by Perk Upchuck, who spat his own shurikens back at him. According to the Pop-Up version of Ben 10, the knight is a robot personally created by the Forever King, Driscoll, to be his bodyguard. He first appeared in the end of Perfect Day, and made another appearance in Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10 (Part 1) and Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10 (Part 2).

He battles by using ninja gadgets, like shurikens, twin swords, lightsabers, and machetes, and has enhanced speed. In the Ben 10: Alien Force video game, he appeared as the Forever Ninja, a fighter in several stages.

Ben 10: Omniverse

The Forever Ninja returned in Return to Forever. He is part of Joseph Chadwick's Forever Knight remnants. He fought Ben and Rook, but was defeated.

He later makes a short appearance in Bengeance is Mine. He is also seen in An American Benwolf in London, but later heavily damages itself with the Proto-Tool but was salvaged by a mutated Chadwick.

Powers and Abilities

The Forever Ninja has enhanced strength, speed, agility, stealth and battle tactics. He has an assortment of weapons, including energy swords and various shuriken and throwing projectiles. It also has a limited self-repair system to mend minor damage.


Though formidable, the Forever Ninja is not invincible. Loud noises such as sonic booms or the large bell of the Big Ben Clock Tower can disrupt its systems. If the robot takes enough damage, it will shut down.

Its Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not as advanced as some other robots in the Ben 10 Universe. When holding the Proto-Tool, it accidentally shot itself in the chest due to holding it backwards.


Ben 10

Red knight in CM
Three Red Knights in "Cosmic Destruction"
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