Forever Defense is a Ben 10: Alien Force game on the Cartoon Network website. It is also a badge game.


Ben10AF ForeverDefense controls


The Forever Knights are attacking! How long can you hold them off?

  • Ben transforms into Swampfire. Aim and shoot with the mouse. Hold the left mouse button to charge you shots.
  • Gwen blocks lasers. Shake the mouse quickly to create a stunning shock wave.
  • Kevin grabs knights and absorbs their energy. Hold the left mouse button and shake the mouse to absorb faster.

Use Swampfire to blast power-ups. The Magic Barrier creates a temporary force field. The Omnitrix restores the team's energy.

Every 10 levels there is a boss battle with the robotic dragon who appeared in Ben 10 Returns: Part 1 and Part 2.

To win him you must combine all the characters.