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Forever defense

Forever Defense is a Ben 10: Alien Force game on the Network website. It is also a badge game.


Ben10AF ForeverDefense controls


The Forever Knights are attacking! How long can you hold them off?

Ben transforms into Swampfire. Aim and shoot with the mouse. Hold the left mouse button to charge you shots.

Gwen blocks lasers. Shake the mouse quickly to create a stunning shock wave.

Kevin grabs knights and absorbs their energy. Hold the left mouse button and shake the mouse to absorb faster.

Use Swampfire to blast power-ups. The Magic Barrier creates a temporary force field. The Omnitrix restores the team's energy.

Every 10 levels there is a boss battle with the robotic dragon who appeared in Ben 10 Returns: Part 1 and Part 2.

To win him you must combine all the characters.

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