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Florauna Xenon
General Information
Home World Flors Verdance (native)
Body Humanoid Plant
Powers and abilities
Abilities Elasticity
Explosive Seed Pods
Able to merge with Plant Life
Enhanced Strength
Sharp Thorns
Enhanced Agility
Hypnosis Invulnerability
First Appearance Camp Fear

Florauna are a species from the planets Flors Verdance and Xenon.


Florauna are plant-based aliens with four or five legs, a singular eye, four-fingered claws and Venus flytrap-shaped flaps covering their heads.

Female Floraunas look similar to their male counterparts, but their body is shaped like a dress. Their fly trap is much larger and they have bulb-like hair along with dark lips. They also lack the spikes that male Floraunas have on their arms, legs and chest.

Florauna's color is green at young age but around their adult years they start to turn brown just like plants when they start to die or become very old.


Floraunas typically live in large colonies.

If any intruders are detected in their colony, the Florauna will not stop attacking them until they capture at least one of them to offer as a sacrifice to the colony's chief.

It is said that Florauna are very protective of their land and will attack any plant or animal.

Pax is known to act in a more civilized manner. He wears clothing and is an alien rights activist with non-violent tendencies. Though peaceful, he is very stubborn and acts recklessly.

Powers and Abilities

Floraunas can grow any part of their bodies at will, allowing them to stretch their limbs or grow spikes.

Floraunas have regrowable seeds on their backs that can be used as explosives, knockout grenades, or smoke grenades.

Floraunas possess all the adaptive abilities of the plant life they come into contact with. Florauna can merge with plant life, like a tree, then control them.

Depending on the environmental conditions, Florauna are able to grow vines, thorns, flowers or fruits in a dazzling array of colors and variations.

Florauna vines are quite strong, as they are able to hold down a Tetramand for a short while.

Florauna have a special communication system that help them to connect with other Floraunas.

Florauna can regenerate any part of their body, including the head.

They can't be hypnotised.

Notable Floraunas


The name Florauna is based on flora and fauna.


  • Florauna's appearance doesn't seem to change as quickly and as much as other species.
  • A Florauna's fruit can be used to tame Gracklflints.

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