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Flame Keepers' Circle

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Flame Keepers' Circle
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General Information
Leader Conduit Edwards
Other Info
Notable Members Conduit Edwards
Winston (controlled by Diagon)
Julie Yamamoto (formerly)
First Appearance The Flame Keepers' Circle

The Flame Keepers' Circle is a secretive cult that worships the extradimensional being known as Diagon, who according to them visited Earth at the dawn of mankind to bring knowledge of fire and promised to return to bring Earth to a Utopia. At a circus, a preacher found the arch-nemesis of Ben Tennyson, Vilgax, who remarkably survived from their last battle, (The Final Battle: Part 2) mistaking him as Diagon.

In public, they masquerade as a philanthropic organization who take donations and use them to provide humanitarian aid; all of which is a ruse to expand their influence across the world in the name of Diagon. Recruiting celebrities to spread their message is also common.

After Diagon's heart was cut out and pierced by Sir George's sword, the Flame Keepers' Circle built a cloaked shrine around it. The shrine travels between Diagon's dimension and ours, never appearing in the same location twice.


Aside from having access to alien technology, the cult's warriors, known as the Esoterica, uses an extradimensional technology that allows them to manipulate space. They use it to slip into other dimensions making them impossible to see or hit. Their warriors can also manipulate energy for offensive and defensive purposes.

Appearance and Personality

When in uniform, they wear black suits with red skirts, bracelets and scarfs. They also have yellow tattoos with flame designs on their chest and face. They also never believe what others say without proof.

Notable Members

Some, if not most, of the cult members are people mind-controlled by the Lucubra, minions of Diagon.


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