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General Information
Original broadcast April 23, 2010
Series Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
Season 1
Episode number 1
Overall number 99
Written by Dwayne McDuffie
Directed by Dan Riba
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Previous episode The Final Battle: Part 2
Next episode Duped

Fame is the first episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.


A video shows clips of a few of Ben's aliens, such as Wildmutt, Swampfire, Brainstorm, Echo Echo, Jetray, Cannonbolt, Humungousaur, Rath, Big Chill, Chromastone, Goop, and Spidermonkey. The video finally shows the world about Ben's secret identity, with Kevin telling him that he's so busted.


Ben, Gwen and Kevin watching TV at home

With Ben's identity revealed, the paparazzi made it hard for him to get out of his house, and TV reporter Will Harangue is criticizing him. While talking with Julie in the DX Mark 10, Kevin and Gwen show up, telling Ben that they found out where the person who revealed Ben's identity is. They find out Ben's so-called "mastermind" is a 10-year-old boy named Jimmy Jones.

2011-10-07 0004

Rust Bucket 3's first appearance

Kevin gets mad at Jimmy for ruining Ben's life, but Ben and Gwen forgive him. Jimmy tells Ben that he was looking at pictures of aliens around the world and noticed that most of them came from Bellwood. He found that some of them were wearing the Omnitrix symbol and Jimmy was able to piece together Ben's identity from a picture of him wearing the Omnitrix. Jimmy wanted to just let the world know how cool Ben was, hoping he would like the fame and money. Gwen sees a picture of a red creature and Jimmy shows a video of it attacking two guards. Jimmy tells the team that all of the sightings are in Florida. This sounds like trouble for Ben and company, so they use Kevin's new jet (standard plumber issue) to travel to Florida. But then, after an incident involving Kevin and the Air force, Ben ends up in jail after saving an Air force soldier as Jetray. He is able to be let out when Gwen and Kevin show the government their Plumber Badges. They tell the team that the creature Jimmy showed them arises from the ocean to collect pieces from NASA's most powerful rocket ship. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin all decide to stop this creature. However, as they fight him, the creature seems too strong for both Gwen and Kevin and as for Ben, the Ultimatrix won't let him transform and starts acting weird.


Bivalvan's first appearance

Ben finally is able to transform after scanning the creature's DNA and transforms into Chromastone, his first re-appearance after his death and fights the creature, but it proves too strong for Chromastone as well. It gets away and when Ben wakes up, the general tells Ben that the creature got away with the nuclear bomb, with the engine for the rocket. Gwen gets the team underwater and finds the creature in a cave fixing his ship, wanting to go home. But the nuclear bomb will destroy all of central Florida, something the creature doesn't feel concerned about. To stop the team from keeping him from leaving, he throws a live cable at Gwen and Kevin, trapping them while Gwen is shielding them. Ben changes into Spidermonkey to fight, but the creature is too superior for all of Ben's forms. To take drastic measures, Ben changes into Ultimate Spidermonkey and easily defeats the creature, then traps it with Ultimate Spidermonkey's webbing. When Ben changes back, his eyes glow pink for a second and then the creature tells his name to be Bivalvan. He tells Ben that he, along with four others, were captured by a man called Aggregor and comes from the Andromeda Galaxy. He was able to escape him, but got separated and got stuck on Earth. So to help, Ben calls the Plumbers to help Bivalvan get home and stop the nuclear bomb from exploding.

The next day, when Ben goes to school, he's scared that his classmates will hate him too. But decides to go in after a kiss on the cheek from Julie, as encouragement. When Ben comes in, his classmates actually applaud him for his help, including his old bullies, Cash and J.T..

Later, Bivalvan is expecting the Plumbers, but instead Aggregor shows up and recaptures Bivalvan before torturing him. Bivalvan is also heard screaming off-screen.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

Ultimatrix Alien Debuts




Aliens Used

Alien DNA Scanned



(Julie sees Ben standing in front of the high school entrance)
Julie: You have to go in sometime.
Ben: I could drop out.
Julie: Last night, you were two feet from an atomic bomb. You can't be scared of your classmates.
Ben: Everybody knows my secret, Julie. And if they've been watching the news, everybody hates me.
(Julie kisses Ben on the cheek)
Julie: Not everybody.

Quotes Right


(Talking about the Rustbucket)
Kevin: Supersonic in atmosphere. Subspace, hyperdrive for effective FTL. Bonus gizmos I've acquired here and there.
Ben: Sweet. This is going to be the coolest thing I ever crashed!
Gwen: (Looks at a computer screen) Extranet access! We can use our Plumbers' badges to access any database on Earth. Even secure ones!
Ben: Boring! (Turns to Kevin) Make it go!

Quotes Right


Bivalvan: There is nothing you can do to stop me.
Spidermonkey: Maybe not me. But my new Ultimatrix comes with some new features. There's a time to go hero, and there's a time to go Ultimate! (slaps down on his Ultimatrix symbol on his chest) Ultimate Spidermonkey!

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(Bivalvan is inside the cave, still hanging from the ceiling inside Ultimate Spidermonkey's web and hears someone coming)
Bivalvan: Hello? Are you the Plumbers? Ben said you'd be here quickly but I didn't think- (Sees it's Aggregor) Aggregor!
Aggregor: No one escapes me, Bivalvan! (Approaches him, then Bivalvan starts screaming in agony)

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Kevin: Sometimes I think the only reason why you guys used to hang with me was because I was the only one who could drive.
Ben: Maybe at first...
Gwen: Ben!

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After the Ultimatrix has finished scanning his DNA
Bivalvan: What did you do?
Ben: Oh, now you want to talk? (Activates the Ultimatrix and transforms into Chromastone) Chromastone! I wasn't even sure I still had this one.

Quotes Right


Jetray: (Surrounded by several soldiers) Umm... Take me to your leader?
Soldier: If you so much as twitch, you're going down!
Jetray: Whoa! Easy guys! (Transforms back into Ben) I'm the famous Ben Tennyson. I'm a superhero. You have heard of me, right? (Cuts to Ben stuck in jail) I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to get a phone call!

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Kevin: Earth technology is so primitive, I’m embarrassed to tell my friends I'm from here.

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Kevin: Dude, you are not gonna cry.
Gwen: Stop being mean Kevin. Seriously.
Kevin: Whatever.

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  • Error Ultimate Spidermonkey's abdomen
  • Error Ben's shoe
  • Error Ben's bag
  • Bivalvan's knee is sticking out
  • Bivalvan's knee is covered up
  • In one scene, when Ben was about to go to school, his backpack was brown. Then in the next scene, his bookbag turned to the same color as Julie's (light blue). After Julie kissed him it turned brown again.
  • Towards the end of Ultimate Spidermonkey's transformation, if you look closely, the muscles on the right of his body are gone for a brief moment.
  • When Ben as Ultimate Spidermonkey wrapped up Bivalvan, his knee was sticking out, but when it showed him fully wrapped up, all of it was in the web.
  • When Ben got out from the water (while finding Bivalvan) his shoe is miscolored.
  • In the scene that Jimmy Jones first appears, he walks out of a wall, and then mysteriously a hallway appears behind him after he passes.
  • After Ben reverted back from Spidermonkey, Ben's eyes glow pink for a moment. According to Charlotte Fullerton, the glowing eyes were an animation error.[1][2]

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Hungarian A hírnév The Fame
Portuguese (Br) Fama Fame
Spanish (HA) Fama Fame
Spanish (Spain) Fama Fame


Pink eyes

Ben's eyes glowing pink for a moment.


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