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Flame Keepers' Circle Soldiers
General Information
Home World Earth
Body Humanoid
Powers and abilities
Abilities Dimensional Jumping
Energy Manipulation
Enhanced Agility
First Appearance The Flame Keepers' Circle

The Flame Keepers' Circle Soldiers, also known as the Esoterica, are worshippers and servants of Diagon.


The Esoterica are workers of a philanthropic organization called the Flame Keepers' Circle who take donations and use them to provide humanitarian aid. Recruiting celebrities to spread their message is also common.

Aside from having access to alien technology, the cult's warriors are ninja-like fighters who use a technology that allows them to move between dimensions. They use it to teleport over short distances and walk through the air.

They stopped Ben from destroying Vilgax, whom they thought was Diagon due to his true form, which is why they worshipped him.

When Diagon was released from his seal, he converted almost every human in the world into an Esoterica. Ben Tennyson used Ascalon to revert them back to normal.

Powers and Abilities

Esoterica have the ability to move between dimensions and appear back to the same dimension at will. They can use this ability to also interact with something in another dimension (for example stairs) while staying in the regular dimension.

Esoterica can manipulate energy for offensive and defensive purposes.

Esoterica are very agile and skilled fighters.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Notable Esoterica


Esoterica comes from the word esoteric, which means hard to understand; known only to a few.

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