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Enforcer Alien

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Enforcer Alien
Enforcer Alien
General Information
Species Unknown
Affiliations Leader Alien
Interpreter Alien
Great One (formerly)
Occupation(s) Follower of The Great One
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Tech Axe
Hovering Platform
Voice Actor James C. Mathis III
First Appearance The Big Tick

The Enforcer Alien was the muscle man of the Great One's Worshippers. He uses a high-tech axe able to create pink energy beams and a force field. The Enforcer Alien appeared with the Leader Alien and the Interpreter Alien in the episode The Big Tick.

Powers and Abilities


He has a high-tech axe which is able to create force fields and shoot energy beams.

Just like the other worshippers, he has a hovering platform.


Ben 10


  • The three aliens are similar to the three branches of government: the legislative that makes the law (Leader Alien), the judicial that interprets the law (Interpreter Alien) and the executive that enforces the law (Enforcer Alien).

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