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Elena's Motorcyle

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Elena's Motorcycle
General Information
User Elena Validus
Type Vehicle
First Appearance Ben 10: Alien Swarm

Elena's Motorcycle is the motorcycle belonging to Elena Validus and it first appeared in Ben 10: Alien Swarm. The bike is red, appears at first instance during the advent of the movie, When Elena arrives with 2 smugglers of alien technology. She gets off the bike and reveals her identity, pleading for help. When it fails due to attack by her father, she escapes, but closely follows the route of Ben's Team.


Motorcycle Cameo

So Max arrives at the barracks, where it is expelled by it. Ben wanting to help the leaves to look at the Max's Motorcycle, to find it, Both are on their motorcycles to the former laboratory of Victor Validus. Leaving the area are attacked by people who were possessed by the nanochips, which makes the Wanting to escape on his motorcycle, Elena and this fall it from rolling on the floor. So, Elena abandons her bike and goes to Ben. The bike is not seen for the rest of the film, but returns and it makes a cameo in Revenge of the Swarm, the bike was all by saved in the new laboratory of Validus.

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