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Element X

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Element X
Element X
Type Mineral
First Appearance The Galactic Enforcers

Element X is a mineral substance.


A sample of Element X was stored in a secure facility until it was stolen by Vulkanus and Sixsix while being transported. When combined with Bicenthium Alloy (the alien name for iron ore), it creates an explosive powerful enough to obliterate an entire solar system. Element X is useless by itself, however.

According to Synaptak, Element X and Bicenthium alloy can only be bound together with an enormous amount of heat.

As revealed in The Ballad of Mr. Baumann, Element X requires careful handling when dealing with it's explosive counterpart. Contact with the unbounded iron ore can create a small explosion, which is enough to severely injure anyone caught in the explosion. It was also revealed that Element X is rare as mentioned by Sheelane.

Element X can be used to power certain ships, such as Sheelane's, and was found on her home planet, Thalassia, prior to its destruction.

Element X, by its very nature and rarity, attracts alien criminals, such as the likes of Vulkanus.


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