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Electricyeti (Ee-Lec-Tris-Yet-ee) is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Gimlinopithecus from the planet Pattersonea and the Dimension 23 equivalent of Shocksquatch.


Electricyeti has yellow and blue fur, along with grey fingers and toes. He has two bolts on the side of his wrists instead of the back of his hands. He has blue eyes with black pupils and yellow horns. He also has a blue belt where the Omnitrix symbol is located. The Omnitrix symbol is blue with a gold outer casing.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Gimlinopithecus, Electricyeti has the same abilities as his species.

Uniquely, whenever Electricyeti is generating electricity monkey noises can be heard.


Being a Gimlinopithecus, Electricyeti has the same weaknesses as his species.




Ben 10: Omniverse

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French Électrique Yéti From électrique, electrical, and yéti, yeti
Hungarian Elektromosság From elektromosság, electricity
Portuguese (Br) Yeti Elétrico From yeti, yeti, and elétrico, electric


Electricyeti's name is a pun on "electricity" and "yeti".


  • Electricyeti was an early name for Shocksquatch.[1]


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