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General Information
Species Sotoraggian
Home World Sotoragg
Affiliations Attea
Occupation(s) Bounty Hunter
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Agility
Hand-to-Hand Combat Skills
Equipment Laser Guns
Power Sword
Energy Buzz Saw
Relatives Sevenseven (younger brother)
Sixsix (younger brother)
Twotwo (younger sister)
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance Vilgax Must Croak

Eighteight is a villain in Ben 10: Omniverse. She is a female Sotoraggian from the planet Sotoragg. She is the sister of Sevenseven and Sixsix.


Little is known about Eighteight's personality, except that she does not like being told that she resembles her two brothers.


Eighteight is dark purple. She is smaller and thinner than her brothers. Unlike Sixsix and Sevenseven, she holds a gun instead of it being attached to her armor. She has a hoop at the end of her helmet like her two brother's helmets. Her x-shaped eyeholes are pink, instead of red.[1]

Powers and Abilities

VMC (195)

Eighteigth using her weapons

She is equipped with a laser gun.

She is shown to be able to resist Gravattack's gravity manipulation (albeit with some difficulty).


Ben 10: Omniverse

In Vilgax Must Croak, she was hired by the Incurseans along with Sixsix and Sevenseven to kill Vilgax. The three of them, along with Attea, were defeated by Vilgax in moments when they were finally able to confront him directly.

In Cough It Up, she along with his siblings was hired by Psyphon to get him a precious item. They found Argit (who had the weapon) and fought for it with Ben, Rook and Spanner. She fought Rook and was almost defeated by him but thanks to Sevenseven she managed to flee. At the Black Hole she wanted to use her buzz shaw on Argit. At the end of the episode she got banned from Undertown.


Ben 10: Omniverse


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