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Duelofduplicates game

Duel of the Duplicates

Duel of the Duplicates is a Ben 10: Omniverseonline game on the Cartoon Network website.


Playable Characters



  • Feedback looks like 11 year old Feedback.
  • On the sidebar next to the playing screen, it says that the space bar is used to jump. However, the up key serves this purpose, and opening up the "How to Play" menu while playing reveals that the space bar is used to attack.
  • When Albedo transforms back to his human form, the flash seen is green instead of red even though his Ultimatrix symbol is red.


  • Sometimes if you lose a Boss battle and replay, there are two Bosses. The second boss either runs out of the screen or continues to fight.


  • At the end of the game, when the player wins, Albedo escapes and isn't followed.


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