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Not be confused with mythical dragons.[1]
General Information
Home World Unknown
Body Dragon-like
Powers and abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Immense Lifespan
First Appearance Be-Knighted

Dragons are a species from an unknown planet.


Dragons have a lizard-like body with bat-like wings and a tail. They have a beak-like face. They also have dark green skin.

Powers and Abilities

Dragons are capable of firing lasers from their mouth which look like fire. They are also shown to be quite strong and their skin is strong enough to withstand powerful attacks. Despite usually walking on all four legs, they are shown to be able to walk on two and they seem to prefer to use laser guns instead of their own lasers. They also have extremely long lifespans and a slow development, with an adult surviving for over 1,000 years and, according to him, his baby probably learned to fly during that time.

Notable Dragons



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