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General Information
Species Dragons
Residence Earth (formerly)
Occupation(s) Map Maker
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Energy Blasts
Equipment Universal Translator
Relatives Unnamed Children
Alias Dragon
Voice Actor Clancy Brown
First Appearance Be-Knighted

Dragon is an unnamed dragon-like alien mapmaker that came to Earth and was captured by the Forever Knights about 1,000 years ago for unknown reasons, and since then they have been testing weapons trying to slay it.


In the episode Be-Knighted, the dragon escaped and confronted Ben and company, but his Universal Translator was broken and he fled when Connor tried to shoot it with an alien weapon.


The Dragon going back home

Later Ben tracked the dragon down and fought him as Spidermonkey, and eventually replaced the Universal Translator with a new one, and it is revealed that he was trapped and that he is an alien that came to Earth to make an interstellar map. The dragon wanted to kill the Forever Knights as revenge for trapping him all those thousand years ago, but Ben succeeded in convincing him otherwise, and he fled in his ship on his way back to his homeworld.

Powers and Abilities

The dragon can breathe energy blasts from his mouth.

With his wings, the dragon can fly as fast as an airplane.

The dragon has great strength and resistance to damage.


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