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Dr. Shueman is an engineer working for NASA and is friends with Maxwell Tennyson.


He has brown hair, brown eyes, and wears glasses. He has a small brown mustache as well.



Dr. Shueman was a well respected figure in NASA and he was also Max's superior. He had intended Max to become the first man on the Moon and when he couldn't, he chose Neil Armstrong for the job.

Ben 10

In The Return, he first appeared welcoming Max and his grandchildren to NASA and he revealed how he knew Max. He later questioned and criticized Dr. Viktor about his references and credentials and told him that he has just gotten here. This led to Viktor leading him to a spot where he got captured by the Mummy. He was found by Gwen which made her realize that strange things are indeed going around and then she was attacked by the Halloween Trio. Dr. Shueman was freed by the time Zs'Skayr was defeated.


Ben 10