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Donovan GrandSmith

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Donovan GrandSmith
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Affiliations Max Tennyson
Occupation(s) Real State Mogul
Relatives Eddie GrandSmith (grandson)
Voice Actor Tom Kane
First Appearance They Lurk Below

Donovan GrandSmith is Max Tennyson's old friend who appeared in They Lurk Below.



Donovan was one of Max Tennyson's friends. When they were younger, Donovan gained a large amount of money. As a result, he decided to travel the world. When he offered Max the chance to travel with him, Max refused, and Donovan supposedly went out on his own.

Ben 10

Many years later, Donovan became a billionaire and started a chain of hotels. He invited Max and his grandkids to come to his newest resort underwater. There, Max, Ben and Gwen met Eddie, Donovan's grandson, who he wanted to take over the family business. However he seemed to have missed the point of family and friendship, leaving him and his grandson somewhat distanced from one another. After the alien robotic squids destroy the hotel, Donovan learns to appreciate Eddie, and they end up on better terms. He then decides to make a hotel on the moon, and asks the Tennysons if they will be one of the first to try it. The Tennysons refuse.


Ben 10


  • He bears resemblance to Walter Donovan from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
  • Donovan thinks Max was an ordinary plumber (not part of the association) and teases Max quite a bit about it.

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