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Dogged Pursuit

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Dogged Pursuit
Dogged Pursuit
General Information
Original broadcast April 21, 2008
Series Ben 10 Shorts
Episode number 6
Episode Guide
Previous episode Sleepaway Camper
Next episode Let the Games Begin

Dogged Pursuit is the sixth Ben 10 short.


While Ben, Gwen and Max are walking, a robber steals a woman's purse. Ben uses the Omnitrix to turn into Wildmutt. He takes the purse back to the woman but, she turns out to be an elderly lady. She begins to say thank you over and over again. The Omnitrix begins to time out and Wildmutt smiles at the sound and Omnitrix turns him back to Human and thinks he can now go. But the old lady now begins to say things like "What a handsome young man!" or "I can't thank you enough". She takes Ben away while talking to him. Grandpa Max and Gwen look on and laugh at Ben.



  • Purse Snatcher

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