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Divided We Stand

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Divided We Stand
General Information
Original broadcast July 19, 2007
Series Ben 10
Season 4
Episode number 41
Overall episode number 41
Written by Marty Isenberg
Directed by Scooter Tidwell
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Previous episode Perfect Day
Next episode Don't Drink the Water

Divided We Stand is the forty-first episode of Ben 10.


Ditto ben 10

Ditto's debut

On a trip at the beach, Ben discovers a new alien form named Ditto. Ben discovers Ditto's power, the ability to make his own clones and Ditto can multiply himself anytime. Ben was playing a bit with the Ditto form, when a giant mutated seagull from Dr. Animo appears. It tries to snatch Ben and it successfully snatches one Ditto and takes him to a sunken ship. Dr. Animo tells one of Ben's Ditto clones in hopes of exploiting his alien DNA for his own evil purposes.

The others realize too late that Animo has kidnapped a fourth Ditto clone. The five (three Dittos plus Grandpa Max and Gwen) hijack a ship to mount a rescue, They also discover that the Dittos can't turn back into Ben unless they're all in one place at the same time.

Meanwhile at Animo's base, an abandoned ship wrecked oil tanker, Animo states that he plans to combine Ben's alien DNA with his own mutants to "lead earth into a glorious new phase of evolution" and begins by extracting samples from the clone.

Meanwhile on the ship, several weaknesses are discovered involving the clones, if one feels pain they all feel the same pain, plus they seem incapable of working together.

Back at Animo's base, Animo deduces what the clone is capable of as well as finding out that inside Ben's Alien DNA is the DNA of his entire arsenal of aliens. Ben escapes by provoking one of Animo's mutants into breaking his cell.

Ben finally turns back to normal and just in time to fend off Animo's giant mutated squid as Upgrade by taking over the tanker. Ben discovers to his horror that not only has Animo gained full access to Ben's arsenal but has combined Lepidopterran DNA and Splixson DNA to create an army of self replicating Mutant Lepidopterrans. Animo decides to destroy the nearby town as a show of force.

Ben realizes that if he kills one of the clones, he'll kill them all. He transforms into Ditto again and defeats Animo by crashing one of the clones into a speed boat, killing them all at once. Animo is handed over to the police and Grandpa Max states that he deleted all of Animo's computer files so if Animo does escape, he'll be back to square one and have none of Ben's aliens at his disposal again.

Major Events

  • Ben first transforms into Ditto.
  • Dr. Animo wants revenge on Ben and uses Ditto's DNA to get revenge.
  • Ben gets stuck as an alien for the third time.

Omnitrix Alien Debuts



Aliens Used

  • Ripjaws (off-screen transformation)
  • Ditto (first appearance; x3; first transformation was accidental; selected alien was Stinkfly, second time was off-screen transformation)
  • Upgrade (accidental transformation; selected alien was Ditto)

Spells Used



Grandpa Max: (after Ditto#2 makes him spill a hot dog) Benjamin Tennysons!
Ditto#1: Okay. We're sorry.
Ditto#2: Yeah. "We" won't bother Gwen anymore. (Ditto#3 throws a water balloon at Gwen)
Ditto#1: But we didn't say anything about him! (Ditto#3 multiplies)
Ditto#3: Or him!
Ditto#2: Play you guys two on two? (Ditto#4 nods and all the Dittos run to the basket ball court)
Ditto#1: (After Ditto#4 makes a slam dunk) T. You fouled me!
Ditto#4: Did not!
Ditto#3: Liar! I felt it too.
Ditto#4: How could I foul you, nimrod? We're on the same team.

Quotes Right


Ditto#1: (two Dittos fighting under sail) Ow! Cut it out dweeb!
Ditto#2: You're the dweeb!
Ditto#1: Am not!
Ditto#2: Are too!
Ditto#3: Oh, man. What is with those two. They're making me nuts!
Gwen: That's because they're all you.

Quotes Right


Ben: (to Gwen) It's not funny!
Gwen: You're right. (Laughs) It's hilarious!

Quotes Right


  • For one second when Ditto was connected in unity, one clone was black.
  • In one scene, Ditto's hand was the color of the sky.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Hungarian Egységben az erő Unity is Strength
Italian Divisi Vinciamo Divided Will Win
Polish Jeden za wszystkich, wszyscy za jednego One for All and All for One
Portuguese (BR) Divididos Conquistamos Dividied We Conquered
Spanish (HA) Es Hora de Dividirnos It's Time To Divide
Spanish (Spain) Divididos Venceremos Divided We Will Win


  • The title comes from the phrase "United we stand, divided we fall".

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