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Danger from Dimension 12

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Danger from Dimension 12

Danger from Dimension 12 is an online game based on Ben 10: Omniverse.





  • Clockwork: Makes all enemies move in slow motion for a short period.
  • Energy: Fills up your energy meter.
  • Gravattack: Puts up a shield around your ship for a short period of time.
  • Rook: Upgrades your main weapon.
  • Score: Adds 250 points to your score.
  • Shocksquatch: Enables an electrical shockwave that destroys all enemies in the area.


  • Clockwork's power-up icon is of his Ultimate Alien design.
  • Throughout the levels, the time of day noticeably changes from midday, to evening (orange tints), to nighttime.(dark tints)