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Petropia recreate 2
General Information
Home World Petropia
Body Crystalline Humanoid
Powers and abilities
Abilities Ultraviolet Energy Projection
Energy Absorption
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Energy Shields
Radiation Immunity
Space Survivability
First Appearance All That Glitters

Crystalsapiens are a crystalline alien species.


Chromastone official artwork AF


Crystalsapiens are silicon-based lifeforms made of highly durable crystal. Most of their bodies are covered in a protective silicon-based rock, while the exposed crystal is magenta. They have purple bodies, legs and arms with several black lines and dots on them. They also sport magenta shards all over their body: six on their back, two on their chest and one on top of their small, purple head, resembling a horn. They also have one large, cyclopean eye.

Only one Crystalsapien exists (not counting Chromastone), Sugilite.


There is a legend that the Crystalsapien home planet is Mor' Otesi, but this is not true.

The only Crystalsapien in existence is Sugilite, the guardian of Petropia, the homeworld of the Petrosapiens, who lives on Petropia with them.

Powers and Abilities

Petropia recreate 4

Crystalsapiens are completely resistant to radiation, and are also capable of absorbing any type of energy, like lasers, electricity or Mana.

Crystalsapiens can either let energy they absorb pass through them safely or they can channel it into either a multi-colored or green laser beam or a light to aid them in dark areas.

Crystalsapiens are also able to fly, as shown in The Secret of Chromastone.


Crystalsapiens are not immune to energy, as they can be harmed by it if they are caught off-guard, or by electrified water as shown in Fame.

Crystalsapiens can be shattered by extreme force. 

Notable Crystalsapiens

Notable Crystalsapien Hybrids


Crystalsapien is a combination of "crystal" and "sapien" which means "intelligent being made of crystal".



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