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Computron's Minions

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Computron's Minions
Robots Arrested 1
General Information
User Computron (destroyed)
Billy Billions
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Optic Lasers
Enhanced Agility
Voice Actor Eric Bauza
First Appearance Hero Time

Computron's minions are robots that work for and strongly resemble Computron.


Sunny trashing robots

Computron's minions in Ultimate Alien

In Ultimate Alien, Computron's minions resemble Computron, differing only in that they are blue instead of red, and smaller than their master.

In Omniverse, the minions are now much more like Computron in that they are red instead of blue and are bigger, nearly Computron's size.

Their eyes remain red, but they only glow when they are about to utilize their lasers.


They are extremely loyal to Computron, as seen in Girl Trouble, where they tried to set off a bomb to avenge Computron's death.

They were trapped in Dimension 12 along with Computron by Captain Nemesis, until he later released them in a bid to look good by defeating them again.

In Omniverse, they are reprogrammed to serve Billy Billions, though he later lost control. This caused them to revert back to their original programming to destroy all organic life, but they were eventually banished back to Dimension 12.

Powers and Abilities

They have long arms with claws which they can turn into saws capable of cutting through buildings. Each can shoot lasers out of its eye. 

In Omniverse, they have an additional energy cannon mounted on their torsos. Their armored forms can withstand heavy impacts and are quite agile for their size.


The robots can be overridden and controlled, as displayed by Billy Billions. Their single-minded goal to destroy all organic life makes them relatively easy to outmaneuver and outsmart. 


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

​Ben 10: Omniverse



  • The Minions share certain similarities with the Manhunter Droids of the DC Universe:
    • Like the Manhunters, they seek to eliminate all organic life in the universe.
    • Both have a phrase that they repeat constantly.
      • Computrons: "Destroy all flesh, and the works of flesh."
      • Manhunters: "No man escapes the Manhunters."
  • The origin of the robots, including Computron himself, is currently unknown.

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