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General Information
Species Robot
Home World Dimension 12
Age Unknown (destroyed)
Occupation(s) Captain Nemesis's enemy
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Spin his arms around
Shooting lasers
Relatives Blue Robot Minions
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance Hero Time

Computron is a robot that was imprisoned in Dimension 12 and he's an enemy of Captain Nemesis.

His first appearance was in Hero Time.

During Hero Time, it is revealed that he was released from Dimension 12 by Captain Nemesis in Nemesis' attempt to prove himself to be a better hero than Ben.


He is a big red robot. He has a big wheel to ride on, a round waist and a circular head. He has long arms and claws which appear to have a red glow surrounding them. He also has a big red eye. Being an advanced battle robot he is probably waterproof. His giant size is helpful in defeating smaller enemies, otherwise he has no other strengths.

Powers and Abilities

He has long arms with claws. He can shoot lasers out of his large eye. He can also easily withstand Jetray's neuroshocks. He seems to have razor sharp blades as he was able to cut through a cargo box.

Ultimate Alien

He was imprisoned in Dimension 12 but he was later freed by Captain Nemesis so he could save people from him and his robot minions, but Ben arrived and destroyed all of the robots using Jetray and Armodrillo. However, Computron was destroyed by Captain Nemesis by taking his fist and popping his head off.

His loyal robots reappear in Girl Trouble, where they steal oil to make a fusion bomb that they can use to cause massive destruction as a way to avenge Computron's destruction.

They have to use a particle accelerator to complete it, but thanks to Ben, his team and interference from Sunny and Antonio, the robots are sent back in Dimension 12 and the bomb is disarmed by Kevin.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


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