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Ben10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction - Rome

Rome's Coluseum

The Colosseum is a location in Rome.


It is exactly like the Catacombs, only deeper. The level also expands into the city which reminds you a little about Paris. There are gates, buildings, the coluseum and turn gates for drills.




  • This is the same level as the beginning level except it goes in deeper and has different enemies and transformations.
  • The Spartans in this level must be working with Captain Nemesis because of pay since he no longer has anything to offer.
  • The Robotic Extermination Devices having skull images on them that float around near Psyphon and his ship represent his image or icon.
  • Swampfire's special attacks' appearance is similar to Psyphon's shield generator except that it is a shield and not vine plus it stay there, covers him completely and doesn't catch fire.
  • Sir George was born in Rome, but in ancient Rome and was a former soldier of Rome.


Sumo Slammer Card Locations

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