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General Information
Species Chronosapien
Home World Unknown
DNA source Unknown
Body Robotic Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Unknwon
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Chronokinesis
Enhanced Strength
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker (Ben)
Ashley Johnson (as Gwen)
First Appearance Ben 10,000 Returns

Clockwork is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Chronosapien from an unknown planet.


Clockwork is a robot-like alien with skin that is made of copper with black stripes and a transparent piece of green circular glass, revealing gears inside of him.

In Omniverse, 16 year old Clockwork has a larger body and holes on the protrusion on his head. His head is also restructured a little. The piece of glass is now in the shape of a hexagon instead of a circle. On his back, he has a black stripe that splits in two stripes with a keyhole between them.

11 year old Ben's Clockwork has a thinner and rounder head, a white and black shirt, and a smiley face, but unlike the 16 year old self, his peace of glass is circle instead of hexagon.

Clockwork wears the Ultimatrix/Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

  • Clockwork's chronokinesis (slowing down the time)
  • Clockwork's chronopathy (viewing the past)

Clockwork poessesses chronokinesis (controlling time), which is a type of kinetic manipulation and reality manipulation ability. He also possesses chronoportation (time travel) and chronopathy (powers linked to the timeline).


According to Ben 10,000, Clockwork can travel through time.


As seen in Catch a Falling Star, Clockwork can fire green time rays from his hands which can send people back in time or to age an object/person to dust. As seen in Ben Again, Clockwork can fire more powerful, lighter green time rays from his chest.

As seen in The Eggman Cometh and in The Beginning of the End, by rotating the winch on his head, Clockwork has the ability to create a projection of what happened in the past.


As seen in Bengeance is Mine, he can slow down time around himself so he can seem to move very fast.


Clockwork and Gwen
Unconscious Clockwork
Clockwork is not very durable, as Overlord's glove's laser beam could break Clockwork's arm and make him shut down. When Clockwork changed back to Ben from this state, Ben's arm was broken.

Likewise, when one of Vilgax's Squid Monsters struck Clockwork on the gear on his head, he was badly stunned.

Because of his large body, Clockwork is quite slow and low on stamina. Therefore, he tires out quickly.


Ultimate Alien

Ultimate Ben

Clockwork's first appearance (as a hologram)
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16 year old Ben

11 year old Ben

  • 11 year old Ben used Clockwork for the first time in Ben Again,
    • Clockwork was used to fix the time stream with the help of 16 year old Ben as Clockwork.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Ultimate Ben



Ben 10: Omniverse

16 year old Ben

11 year old Ben

Online Games

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Croatian Vremenski From vrijeme, time, the time one
Portuguese (Brazil) Ampulheta / Contra Tempo From ampulheta, hourglass and contra tempo, contretemp
Spanish (Hispanic America) Clockwork From the original English name
Spanish (Spain) Crono Crono (Chrono) from cronológico, chronology
Russian Часы From часы, clock
Polish Mechaniczny
From mechaniczny, mechanical.
From zegar, clock.
Romanian Ceasornicul From ceasornic, clock.
German Uhrwerk From uhrwerk, clockwork
Italian Raggiotempo

From raggio, ray and tempo, time

Dutch Uurwerk From uurwerk, clockwork
French Temposaure From temps, time
Hungarian Időgép From időgép, time machine


  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, young Clockwork will be featured more in the upcoming episodes, as he has a crucial part in the Time War.[1]
  • Clockwork makes gear sounds when he moves, which is similar to Armodrillo when he moves his arms. In Omniverse, Clockwork ticks like a clock for the entirety of his transformation, and his time rays make a sound similar to the tolling of Big Ben when they strike their target. This sound also occurs when Clockwork is struck on his rotor.
  • Clockwork's torso looks somewhat like NRG and Azmuth's armor (as shown in Secret of The Omnitrix).
  • Clockwork is one of Ben's new aliens who are not seen in the Ultimate Alien intro, the others being ChamAlien, Fasttrack, Shocksquatch, Eatle, Jury Rigg, Ultimate Wildmutt and Ultimate Way Big, although this is due to their existence not being known until Season 2 and Season 3.
  • Clockwork is one of five aliens whose toys were released before they made their debuts, the other four being Upchuck, EatleUltimate Wildmutt and Toepick.
  • The way Clockwork slows down time to dodge objects and seem to be running to others, is the same way Yaya from Boboiboy does it.


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