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Kevin Levin

Charmcaster used Kevin to get back at Gwen for stealing her spellbook in In Charm's Way. She even kissed Kevin, but did not mean it. Later, however, she trusted Kevin when he said he was evil. When she realized he had been lying, she went back to trying to kill him. According to Dwayne McDuffie, she actually never felt anything toward Kevin.


Darkstar stole a page from Gwen's spellbook, which Kevin had moved into his garage. Darkstar ripped out a page, and used it to open a portal into Ledgerdomain. Charmcaster found Darkstar when he tried to enter and reverted him to normal from his energy-deprived affliction. She started playing with him, seeing what he could do, and later kissed him. She continued kissing him, unaware that when she did so, he fed off her mana. He wanted to leave Ledgerdomain to destroy his enemies, so Charmcaster told him her name was Hope, that names have power, and wrote Ledgerdomain's secret true name on Michael's hand so he could return at any time. Gwen cut off the mana Michael stole, so he returned to Ledgerdomain to feed off of Charmcaster again. However, Gwen, Ben and Kevin followed him back to Ledgerdomain, where Gwen and Charmcaster fought. Gwen tried telling Charmcaster that Michael wasn't really in love with her, but Charmcaster refused to listen. When Charmcaster realized Gwen knew Michael's real name, she asked Gwen how she knew and Gwen admitted that she had once dated Michael. Charmcaster was furious. She and Gwen watched Ben and Kevin fight Michael, but when Darkstar mentioned that his ambition was to take over the world, and have "lovely Gwen" for a trophy, Charmcaster was furious.  Though Michael claimed to love Charmcaster, she did not believe him, and asked Michael if he even remembered her name, at which he could only guess, having not listened originally. Charmcaster screamed, took back the mana which he fed on, and forcibly evicted him from Ledgerdomain. Darkstar, meanwhile, continued guessing, but the doors to Ledgerdomain remained closed.


Hobble fell in love at first sight with Charmcaster when she appeared to help him, Ben and Rook on Anur Transyl, calling her "my dear" and trying his best to please her. Charmcaster was amused by him, and was possibly considering returning his advances judging by a conversation she held with her bag. When Charmcaster betrayed the team, Hobble was saddened and helped defeat her, yet still maintained his feelings, telling her "I'm sorry, my dear! This will hurt me more than it'll hurt you!"

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