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Charmcaster's Stone Creatures

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Charmcaster Stone Birds
Gwen as Charmcaster with her bird-type rock monsters
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Stone Creatures are monsters that can be summoned by Charmcaster and Gwen Tennyson.


In the original series, Hope is seen to possess stone/rock-like shaped creatures or animals that are are animated and can move. They are used to protect her and are bound to her will.

Like the little birds in her sleeve which protected Gwen in Hope's body while in juvie. In the episode "A Change of Face" stone birds hatched out of their eggs and attacked Pinky and a group of attacking juvenile woman prisoners led by Missy.

Now instead of using these stone creatures, she sticks to using her Stone Creatures, which are similar to these. Due to them having similar appearances of a stone-like body with magenta colored markings.


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Charmcaster's Bag

They can be summoned with a bag Hope carries around and use holds her magical items.

Charmcaster's Sleeve

In A Change of Face, Gwen/Hope summons bird creatures with her sleeve.




Used by Gwen in Hope's body in A Change of Face.


Used by Hope in Tough Luck.

Dog Creatures

Used by Hope in the original series.

Bear Creatures

In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, the dog creatures are bigger, so they are more bear like.


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