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General Information
Home World Forge of Creation
Body Humanoid
Powers and abilities
Abilities Omnipotence
First Appearance X = Ben + 2

Celestialsapiens are a race of omnipotent beings from the Forge of Creation.


Baby Celestialsapien

A baby Celestialsapien

Celestialsapiens are silhouette-like humanoids that can range from any size. They have white star-like dots scattered inside their body and three trident-like horns on their forehead. Their face only consists of white pupil-less eyes. Celestialsapiens tend to have a rather large size.

Alien X Omniverse

Ben as a Celestalsapien (Alien X)

Infant Celestialsapiens have the body shape of a human baby, male Celestialsapiens have the body of a muscular male adult human, and female Celestialsapiens have the shape of a thin female adult human.


Celestialsapiens prefer their shrouded existence at the Forge of Creation, as opposed to being involved with the "petty going-ons" of the rest of existence.

Celestialsapiens possess two personalities, such as a Voice of Love and Compassion and a Voice of Rage and Aggression. Both of a Celestialsapien's personalities have to agree with each other for the Celestialsapien to perform any sort of action. However, due to their contrasting personalities, this hardly ever happens. When the Celestialsapien speaks, both voices speak in unison and, depending on what the voices agree on, they say "Seconded!", or "Motion carried!" if they agree; they say "Motion denied!" if they disagree.

In Alien X's case, two out of three or all three of his personalities have to agree for Alien X to do something otherwise Alien X will remain motionless.

According to Dwayne, baby Celestialsapiens don't have multiple personalities yet. It is for this reason that Ultimate Aggregor tried to absorb it rather than an adult so he would not gain multiple personalities.


A pregnant Celestialsapien has a small glowing white orb in her hands with a baby Celestialsapien growing inside it.

According to Dwayne, it takes a baby Celestialsapien tens of thousands of years to develop.

Powers and Abilities

Celestialsapiens are infinitely powerful, capable of controlling reality, space and time. Their reality warping is so powerful, that their mere thoughts become reality. However, a Celestialsapien cannot do anything unless a majority or all of its personalities agree on it. They have spent eons debating before using any of their powers. A baby Celestialsapien does not have multiple personalities, but it is also not mature enough to use its power.

According to Matt, Celestialsapiens cannot manipulate mana directly. A Celestialsapien would have to alter the universe to change the nature of mana first.[1]

Notable Celestialsapiens


  • Professor Paradox is not allowed to go within 500 light years of any Celestialsapien.
  • According to Dwayne McDuffie:
    • Celestialsapiens also live in the Milky Way Galaxy, but they're born in the Forge of Creation.
    • The mother Celestialsapien that Ben, the team and Ultimate Aggregor land upon is not a god in Ben 10 and he also states "...not even close."
  • According to Matt, Celestialsapiens each have their own personalities; Bellicus and Serena are unique to Alien X.


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