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Updated Cannonbolt


General Information
Species Arburian Pelarota
Home World Arburia (destroyed)
Body Pillbug
Ultimate Form Ultimate Cannonbolt
Alternate Counterparts Cannonbolt (Ben 10,000 Timeline)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Sphere Transformation
Energy Reflection
Sharp Claws
Mobile Invulnerability
Limited Space Survivability
Voice Actor Fred Tatasciore (Original Series)
Vanessa Marshall (Gwen)
Dee Bradley Baker (Alien Force and Ultimate Alien)
David Kaye (Omniverse)
First Appearance The Big Tick

Cannonbolt is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Arburian Pelarota from the destroyed planet Arburia.


Ben as Cannonbolt

In the original series, Cannonbolt was a hulking, broad-shouldered alien covered in natural, yellow armor plating on his back, shoulders, and the backs of his arms. He was mostly white, with black on his upper half. He had four claws on both of his hands. He originally had sharp teeth. Cannonbolt wore the Omnitrix symbol on his forehead and his eyes were yellow.

When Cannonbolt turns into a sphere, he rolls up into a ball, with his back plates and the plates on his hands covering him. His side plates are the plates on his shoulders. His sphere form has semi-circular stripes across his body, with black lines around the circular plates.

In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Cannonbolt had full, human-like teeth. He no longer had the black stripe on his chest that he did before in the original series. He wore the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on his chest and his eyes were green.

In Omniverse, Cannonbolt looks similar to his appearance in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest and the black stripe from the original series returns, going down to his belly/chest. His eyes are no longer connected to his shoulders, and his palms are now flat instead of bulging. The yellow bolts on his body are now hexagonal and there are three plates on his back, instead of two.

11-year old Cannonbolt looks identical to his 16-year old Omniverse appearance except that he has the Omnitrix symbol on his forehead.

Gwen as Cannonbolt

Gwen's Cannonbolt looks similar to Rollaway, however the markings on her eyes are upturned, similar to eyeliner. She has feminine lips, freckles and a hair clip on her left side. She has pink eyes and a cat symbol shaped Omnitrix on her chest. Her skin is lavender, while her bolts and lips are purple. She has black markings on her torso and pelvis in a similar design to a bikini. Her bolts are also smaller than Ben's Cannonbolt and Rollaway.

When curled into her shell, Cannonbolt looks just like Rollaway in his shell.

Powers and Abilities

Cannonbolt can curl into a ball, encasing himself in his plating. When rolled up, Cannonbolt can increase his rotational momentum to slam into and/or run over enemies. He can also ricochet off surfaces in this form.

Cannonbolt can house people and fairly large objects within his spheroid form.

Cannonbolt's shell is resistant to acids and lava, and can delect lasers.


Cannonbolt in sphere form

From inside his shell, Cannonbolt can withstand even a drop from space without harm from the heat of re-entering the atmosphere, though he can still suffer from mild pain from the force of the impact.

Cannonbolt is capable of withstanding the vacuum of space, but he still needs to breathe. Without an oxygen-supply, Cannonbolt is limited to holding his breath.

Cannonbolt also possesses enhanced strength.


Cannonbolt is subjected to the physical laws of reflection and conservation of momentum, meaning that he has difficulty stopping or controlling his direction if he picks up speed.

Cannonbolt's bipedal form is top-heavy, making him very unbalanced and clumsy.


Ben 10

Alien Force

Ultimate Alien


16 year old Ben

11 year old Ben

No Watch Ben

Gwen 10



Ben 10



Ben 10: Alien Force

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


Plant Alien


Ben 10: Omniverse

16 year old Ben

11 year old Ben

No Watch Ben

Gwen 10

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Arabic كانونبولت From Kanunbult/Kanonbolt, cannonbolt
Bulgarian Топовна Мощ (Topovna Mošt) From Топовна (Topovna), bolt and Мощ (Mosht), cannon
Chinese 轰天雷 From 轰天雷 (Hōng Tiān Léi), "the rolling thunder"
Croatian Kugla From kugla, ball or orb
Dutch Kanonbal
From kanon, cannon, bal, ball and bliksem, bolt
French Boulet de Canon From boulet de canon, cannonball
German Kanonenkugel From Kanonenkugel, cannonball
Greek Κάνονμπολτ From kάνον, cannon and μπολτ, bolt
Hebrew פגז From פגז, shell
Hungarian Ágyúgolyó From ágyúgolyó, cannonball
Italian Rotolone From the verb rotolare, roll
Polish Kulopłot
From trafić kulą w płot (Hit the fence with the bullet), making a mistake
From kula, ball/bullet/sphere and płot, fence
Portuguese (BR) Raio de Canhão
Bala de Canhão
From raio, bolt, bala, bullet and canhão, cannon
Romanian Ghiulea From ghiulea, cannonball
Russian Ядро (Yadro) From Ядро (Yadro), kernel
Serbian Ђуле (Đule) From Топовско Ђуле (Topovsko Đule), cannonbolt
Spanish (HA) Cannonbolt From the original English name
Spanish (Spain) Rayo de Cañón From rayo, ray and cañón, cannon
Turkish Yıldırım Topu From yıldırım, bolt and top, cannon

Video Games

Ben 10: Protector of Earth

Cannonbolt has the Dark Heroes and the DNA Force skin. Cannonbolt is needed for defeating the Snap Dragon.

Power and Abilties

  • Cannonbolt can curl into a ball to encase himself in his plating, turning into a sphere. He can then use this form to roll into enemies to attack. In addition to the average repelling of walls, he was capable of ricocheting off enemies as well.
  • By compressing himself tightly, Cannonbolt can release the pressure to create a sonic blast.
  • Cannonbolt can flop onto the ground to create a shockwave, as well as rotate quickly to generate a miniature tornado.

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks

  • Cannonbolt in Protector of Earth
  • Cannonbolt in Protector of Earth
  • Cannonbolt in Vilgax Attacks
  • Cannonbolt in Ben 10: Omniverse (Video Game)
  • 11 years old Cannonbolt in Ben 10 Omniverse (Video Game)
  • Cannonbolt in Ben 10: Omniverse 2

Cannonbolt replaces Alien X, but he is replaced by Upchuck in the DS version.

Cannonbolt can curl into a ball to encase himself in his plating. When rolled up, Cannonbolt can roll into enemies to attack. He is also able to bounce in this form, and create shockwaves upon impact.

Ben 10: Omniverse (Video Game)

Cannonbolt is a playable alien character in the game.

Ben 10: Omniverse 2

Cannonbolt is a playable alien character in the game.

Punch Time Explosion XL

He is one of the aliens used by 10-Year old Ben.


Ben 10

  • 4" Cannonbolt
  • Cannonbolt (Battle Version)
  • Metamorfigure Cannonbolt (Bowling Ball)

Ben 10: Alien Force

  • 4" Cannonbolt [3 pack exclusive]
  • Alien Creation Figures from (Ben 10) Cannonbolt and Eye Guy

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

  • 4" Cannonbolt (Ultimate)

Ben 10: Omniverse

  • Cannonbolt Feature Figure


  • Cannonbolt's ball form is similar to Samus Aran's Morph Ball ability from the Metroid games.
  • Cannonbolt's spin attacks are based off the Godzilla Monster, Anguirus.
  • Cannonbolt was the first alien to be unlocked in the Omnitrix.
  • Cannonbolt was the first alien from the original series to have an ultimate form.

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