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Camille Mann-Tennyson

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Camille Mann-Tennyson
Camille full
General Information
Species Lenopan
Age 26 (Ben 10)
Affiliations Plumbers
Tennyson Family
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shapeshifting
Relatives Joel Tennyson (husband)
Mr. Mann (father)
Mrs. Mann (mother)
Unnamed aunt
Lucy Mann (cousin)
Gordon Tennyson (father-in-law)
Betty Jean Tennyson (mother-in-law)
Max Tennyson (uncle-in-law)
Carl Tennyson (cousin-in-law)
Frank Tennyson (cousin-in-law)
Vera Tennyson (aunt-in-law)
Ben Tennyson (cousins-in-law)
Gwen Tennyson (cousins-in-law)
Kenneth Tennyson (cousin-in-law)
Alias Camille Tennyson
Voice Actor Grey DeLisle
First Appearance Big Fat Alien Wedding

Camille Mann-Tennyson is a Lenopan. She wanted peace on Earth by getting married to the Plumber Joel Tennyson. Her Lenopan form is humanoid, but according to the flashback, it seemed that she had changed after she met Joel.

Powers and Abilities


Camille's Human form

Camille's body is made out of a purple mud-like substance with shapeshifting properties, such as turning into a human being. Other abilities include elasticity, the ability to shape her body parts into anything, and super strength.

Unlike most Lenopans, Camille's true form is a sharp contrast; it is humanoid in appearance but has an elongated head. However as shown in the flashback to how she and Joel met she has a more typical Lenopan form that she can shift to.


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