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Busy Box

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Busy Box
Busy box
General Information
Original broadcast December 11, 2009
Series Ben 10: Alien Force
Season 3
Episode number 38
Overall episode number 90
Written by Jake Black
Directed by Rick Morales
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Busy Box is the thirty-eighth episode of Ben 10: Alien Force.


Ben, Gwen and Kevin find a curious alien box in an alley that has the ability to turn into a mechanical version of whatever it sees. It irritates them by repeating whatever they say causing Kevin to shut its mouth. It punches Kevin destroying his ID Mask. Ben transforms into Humungousaur and it transforms into a mechanical version. Gwen manages to control it by meditating causing it to imitate her. Then the Vreedle Brothers show up and demand the box for selling it in an auction. Ben tries to stop them but the Box attacks Ben and the Vreedles escape with the Box.

While hanging out at Mr. Smoothy, the Vreedle Brothers return to return the Box because it has learned to like destroying things. The box smashes out of the Vreedle Brothers' spaceship in Humungousaur form and its hands transform into one of the Vreedle Brothers' weapons and blows up their spaceship while the brothers are leaving.

The box then transforms into a combination of Humungousaur, Swampfire and Spidermonkey. While Ben, Gwen and Kevin must keep the device from blowing up downtown Bellwood, Ben transforms into Lodestar and tries to stop it. But is too strong. Ben suggests they cut off its power supply if it has any. Kevin suggests that the glowing part on its chest might be it. Lodestar floors it and Kevin hammers its chest causing a crack. Lodestar uses
Spider-Swamp-Humung- with blasters
all his power and rips it open while Gwen gets the glowing cube. In the end a blue energy-like alien comes down from space and says that the alien box they found is a toy that belongs to her baby daughter and that the box should never be used by those under "3 million years old". Moreover she adds that they are unintelligent proving it by saying that they know only 3 dimensions. When Ben asks how many are there , she replies that there are only 26 that matter, suggesting there might be more. She then disappears with the box. Ben then imitates the Box's voice by speaking into a can leaving Gwen and Kevin mad.

Minor Events



Aliens Used

By Ben

By Naljian Destructor



Ben: Anything?
Kevin: Not yet. But the scanner detected level 20 alien technology somewhere near here.
Gwen: Level 20? The only level 20 technology in the whole galaxy is-
Ben: The Omnitrix! Maybe you found a spare.
Kevin: Actually, whatever we're detecting is level 20+. The scale on this thing doesn't go any higher.
Ben: This is stupid, we've been driving around all night.
Gwen: Before we give up, pull over, I wanna try something. (They get out of the car) You know how my powers have trouble with technology? I'm thinking maybe it works the other way around. (Makes ball of mana and throws it unto the ground making it spread throughout the area)
Ben: So if your mana hits something super high-tech- (sees large glow in the distance) ...that!

Quotes Right


Gwen: Careful, Ben. Kevin: Two words that contradict each other. Gwen: You mean it's an oxymoron. Kevin: Some kind of moron.

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Kevin: What do you say we load this handsome devil into the car, take him home and see what makes him tick?

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Octagon: We don't want it anymore, so it's your problem now.

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Ben: Okay, This looks like a job for... Humungousaur! (accidentally becomes Lodestar) Or Lodestar. (Smiles) He's good too.

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  • Error Omnitrix symbol
  • Ben is turning the body
  • The mana hits many regions of and around the car
  • The car has only one mana disc
  • Gwen's hair is miscoloured
  • When Humungousaur was fighting, the Omnitrix symbol's sides were the same color as his skin.
  • When Ben turns the Omnitrix to try and become Humungousaur, the body turns instead of the selection dial.
  • When Humungousaur falls on Kevin's car at one time while battling the Naljian Destructor as Robot Gwen, it shoots mana which hits the car in multiple areas and all its surroundings, but when the Vreedle brothers land their car is in perfect shape and there is only one mana disc stuck in it.
  • When the episode began, Gwen's hair was brown like Ben, but in the next scene it was normal.
  • When Kevin attacked the Naljian Destructor, he made a metal hammer; the Naljian Destructor, however, made a stone hammer in the copy.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French La boîte infernale The infernal box
Hungarian Játékdoboz Toybox
Portuguese (BR) Cubo Problema Problem Cube
Spanish (HA) El Cubo The Cube
Spanish (Spain) La Caja Misteriosa The Mystery Box


Heatblast Hologram

The Hologram of Heatblast

  • It is revealed that the Omnitrix is level 20 tech.
  • It is revealed that there are only 26 dimensions "that matter."
  • Heatblast's hologram can be seen in this episode.
  • The title is based on the Busy Box toy for little children.

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