In While You Were Away, Dr. Psychobos used concentrated Amber Ogia to mind control the Revonnahganders.

Differences In the Affected

Physical Actions

  • Revonnahganders were seen harvesting an unusual amount of Amber Ogia.
  • Revonnahganders were harvesting out of season.
  • A giant pipeline had been built to transfer the harvested fruit to Dr. Psychobos and Attea.
  • Revonnahganders showed no fear of Muroids stealing their harvest.
  • Revonnahganders limited their meals to almost no food; just enough to survive.

Changes in Mannerisms

  • Rook Da welcomed Ben to Revonnah with no harsh words.
  • The females in Rook's family were laughing at inappropriate times or after odd sentences.
  • Rook's family adopt Dr. Psychobos' hatred of Galvans.

Changes in Speech Patterns

  • Revonnahganders used phrases that did not match what they had said in Bros in Space.
  • Da used contractions with no hesitation, which is considered shameful and unusual.
  • Rook Shar used the phrase "and I use the term loosely".
  • Da had Psychobos' tendency to stutter on random words.
  • Despite Young One's insistence that the Incurseans had invaded, his family used an odd facial expression and denied the presence of Incurseans or any odd behaviors exhibited.

The Control

The mind control was done by concentrating large amounts of Amber Ogia and flipping a switch on Dr. Psychobos' invention. Dr. Psychobos was broken out of prison by Princess Attea in order to create the machine. The concentrated ogia was administered by underground pipes that sprayed a mist onto the working Revonnahganders. Ben used Astrodactyl to fight Dr. Psychobos and Attea, but they escaped with a small amount of Ogia Concentrate.

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