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Bob the Blob appears in a Cartoon Network Latin America Commercial promoting the Ben 10 marathon "Ben 10 Total Access".


Bob is a light grayish-blue blob with a black collar and sleeves. He has two heads with one eye on each head, two mouths with cream colored teeth and small hands with five stubby fingers.

His Omnitrix is located on his chest/stomach region.

Powers and Abilities

Bob's sticky skin allow him to stick to flat surfaces.


He is very slow as displayed in the commercial when attempting to save Gwen. He was practically unable to move.


In the commercial, Gwen is hanging off of a large steel girder as a Xenocyte crawls up her leg. Ben attempts to save her by transforming into an alien, however he is transformed into Bob the Blob, a new alien, who is way too slow to rescue her. Eventually the Xenocyte latches onto Gwen's head, pulls herself up and immediately slaps Ben before walking off.



  • Ben 10 Acceso Total Commercial 1 (first appearance)

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