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  • Moham123665

    Galactic monsters arc

    February 12, 2014 by Moham123665

    This page is for the list of episodes which air during the galactic monsters arc

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  • Ben101994

    Gutrot: Halloween Themed

    February 10, 2014 by Ben101994

    Ok I started this blog on Gutrot since he is going to appear in the Halloweenish Season along with the rest of the Halloween Trio.

    Why am I saying he's a part of the Haloween Trio because of the season.

    Anyway, back to the point, it got me thinkng maybe Gutrot is based off of another Halloween monster.

    So I started this blog to have people guess, if he is based off of another Halloween monster, what monster he is based off of.

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  • Deharo


    February 1, 2014 by Deharo
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  • Survivefan23

    I have a big complaint with this site.

    The Image i posted of the OV Frankenstrike toy shown at the UK Toy Fair was taken down. I need to know why you guys think this is "Fan Art".

    You guys need to get your act together. The Image came from the UK Toy Fair.

    This image gives us our first look at Frankenstrike in toy form as well as our first look at the Galactic Monsters Packaging.

    Anything shown at Toy Fair is REAL and NOT FAKE!

    You guys need to take advange of this, and not take it down. You guys must not know the difference between Toy Fair images and Fan Art.

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  • Lord of fish


    January 24, 2014 by Lord of fish

    Do the Plumbers get payed? If so, how much? Do they live in Plumber HQ, like in their own little apartments?

    Please comment with your opinion

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  • Doctor Aloysius James Animo

    Humungousaur – 73

    Four Arms – 66

    Diamondhead – 58

    XLR8 – 56

    Big Chill – 52

    Wildmutt – 48

    Heatblast – 46

    Jetray – 44

    Cannonbolt – 43

    Swampfire – 41

    Spidermonkey – 38

    Echo Echo – 36

    Stinkfly – 36

    Grey Matter – 33

    Goop – 31

    Rath – 28

    Upgrade – 25

    Chromastone – 20

    Upchuck – 20

    Way Big – 20

    Armodrillo – 18

    Brainstorm – 18

    NRG – 18

    Lodestar – 17

    Wildvine – 17

    Ultimate Humungousaur – 16

    Terraspin – 15

    Feedback – 14

    Ultimate Spidermonkey – 14

    Ripjaws – 13

    Ultimate Echo Echo – 13

    Bloxx – 12

    Shocksquatch – 12

    Water Hazard – 12

    Crashhopper – 11

    Ghostfreak – 11

    AmpFibian – 10

    Clockwork – 10

    Eatle – 10

    Jury Rigg – 10

    Nanomech – 10

    Crabdozer – 9

    Fasttrack – 9

    Ditto – 8

    Eye Guy – 8

    Gravattack – 7

    Ultimate Big Chill – 7

    Ultimate Swampfire – 7

    Articguana – 6

    Buglizard – 6

    Kickin’ Hawk – 6

    Slamworm – 6


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  • Lord of fish

    Ultimate ben

    January 15, 2014 by Lord of fish

    I can't help wondering how some of Ultimate Ben's powers would work. If he used Ult. Humungousaur's missiles, would his hands transform, too? And what if he turned into Goop? Would he melt into a pile of Ben-colored goo?

    Some of the alien's powers are based off of their appearance. What would happen if he used Eye Guy? Would he gain extra eyes?

    No wonder they got rid of him.

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  • Budderman120


    January 11, 2014 by Budderman120


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  • GwendolynRookKevin68

    Gwen's designs

    January 11, 2014 by GwendolynRookKevin68

    Original Series

    Lucky Girl(Original Series)

    Omniverse Flashbacks

    Alien Force Season 1 and 2

    Alien Force Season 3

    Lucky Girl Alien Force and Ultimate Alien

    Ultimate Alien 

    Inspector 13

    Anodite design Alien Force and Ultimate Alien 

    Omniverse(The More Things Change Part 1) 

    New Omniverse Design

    New Anodite Design in Omniverse

    For A Few Brains More(No glasses)

    I love all of Gwen's designs, which is your pick? ^^

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  • Eatle19.04

    Who would win?

    January 4, 2014 by Eatle19.04

    (It's not a 1 vs 1, all of them battle in the same time.)

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  • Super Sablei

    My first post

    January 3, 2014 by Super Sablei

    Hello everyone who is reading this.  I recently learned about the Ben 10 wiki and sense I have been a huge Ben 10 fan ever sense the episode "and then there were 10" and so I came to check this site out.  I found this blog spot when I was finished and figures I'd try it out sense I have a Pokemon blog on my wordpress account.  I don't know if I am gonna keep up with this blog or not but who knows.  I am gonna leave this post with an awesome youtube video made by JimmyNetwork312 that I found as well as a question: on a scale of 1-10 how much do you guys like Omniverse?  Thanks for reading.

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  • David Alaister

    1:According to Derrick, Primus is replaced by Annialarg.

    2:Then how is the Omnitrix still functioning properly.

    3:Does Eunice still live on Primus?

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  • David Alaister

    1:Derrick.J.Wyatt said Eunice won't appear in the series.

    2:But Dwayne said we'll see how she is dangerous.

    3:It was revealed in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Seaon 2 Episode 1 that Eunice's presence  on Earth is dangerous.

    4:Azmuth and Derrick both hate Eunice.

    5:The series would have been alot more better if.....Dwayne were alive. 

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  • Minecraftskinmaker what I’ve learned collecting data on the ben 10 series for about 4years that I have been learning about it in the context of goop.  So let me start off with the mental works and the reason why some of his body feature are like that.  Let’s start on his legs specifically knee down as you can clearly see his feet are masive in diamiter.  this is because before ben even got the omnitrix years earlyer when he learned to walk.  by the time when he first transformed into goop his moterskilles where fully developed or  even more developed from all of the past aliens from the years of expirience.  where i am going with this is that goops legs are so masive because when he transformed his mind automaticly tryed to acociate the previose body…

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  • BenXpIbrahim

    Is It true?

    December 9, 2013 by BenXpIbrahim

    Is Ben 10: Omniverse going on ANOTHER hiatus?

    It doesn't seem likely that we'll be having an episode next week and honestly..I'M PANICING!!!

    Can someone tell me if I'm just worrying too much, or if I am right?

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  • Limkimsamnang

    My Aliens

    December 9, 2013 by Limkimsamnang

    This are my make-up aliens, I'll draw them out later...

    1.Shieldhed : A very defensive-structure alien but extends to have low absolute power

    2.Frostfire : Both Flame and Ice alien came from a mysterious weather planet

    3.Nephlix : Capability is resistance which makes him a very tough warrior

    4.Quanarator : An Alien With Electric and Lightning Manipulative Species

    5.Westrex : The Bad and Hot, forms a temperature almost as NRG

    6.Alien X : The Time and Space parallel manipulative species

    7.Cycle Ben : A very strong based power, from energy atoms forms a purple particle blast




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  • Goop65

    I think he MIGHT in like the last maybe 3-4 episodes ...

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  • Lightsaver33

    I had a chat with one of my friends and he said ben would win. ben 10 is very powerful but he would have to take on 4 superheros and the hulk is crazy strong  so I think the Avengers would win but that is my opinion so I would like others thoughts on this matter.

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  • Lightsaver33

    ben 10 vs gwen

    December 7, 2013 by Lightsaver33

    I think ben would because all he has to do is go alien x . what do you think

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  • Chillmanfire

    My personal favorite shows are Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and Alien Force, due to the seriousness of the two.

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  • Brian Dodd

    It is Obvious That Whampire is going to be the Genetic Copy of Lord Transyl

    Lord Transyl is a vampire-like alien

    Whampire's name is a play on Wham and Vampire

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  • Brian Dodd
    1. Alien X = Duh, Any one who watched X = Ben + 2 and So Long, And Thanks For All The Smoothies knows That
    2. Atomix = As Stated by Derrick J. Wyatt
    3. Way Big = Personal Opinion
    4. Chromastone = Personal Opinion
    5. Feedback= Personal Opinion

    So What do You Think Of My List?

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  • Chillmanfire

    I have been looking through the upcoming episodes of Omniverse, and I thought of ways that the episodes might go. If you have opinions, do not hesitate to reply.

    Max's Monster: I have seen a sneak peek of this episode on YouTube, and I am excited for Frankenstrike(Benvicktor)'s return. I just want to see how Ben, Rook, and Max contain Phil, and how he turns back from his Human/ Terroranchula form.

    Something Zombozo This Way Comes: The Circus Freak Trio is back, and are once again joining forces with Zombozo. I wonder why they laid low for Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, but it will be good to see them again.

    Bengeance is Mine: Vilgax and Psyphon unite to defeat Ben. Classic!

    An American Benwolf In London: I do not see why the creators changed the ti…

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  • Chillmanfire

    Albedo now, thanks to a modification to the genetic stablizer of the recreated Ultimatrix by Azmuth, is stuck in a 11-year-old form of Ben.

    Just as a question, would the aliens be altered into 11 year old forms, making them less lethal?

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  • Ben 23


    November 30, 2013 by Ben 23

    Since they are bringing aliens mentioned in the original series, Atomix and Toepick, what do you think Snakepit looks like?

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  • Ren X-King

    Alright, lets cut to the chase... I am making a video for the New Years - Winter Holiday of every Ben 10 alien and 10-20 fanfiction aliens, there, I put it out....

    Please note that this blog was posted on both Ben 10 and Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki, so bare with me.

    I will try to demonstrate as many powers of each an every aliens as possible, and there might be Nemetrix Pivot Aliens, and Ultimates, but that is just a concept right now to made, I DO NOT completely promise it. Besides that, I will see you guys on the holidays!

    So you heard about the 10-20 fanfiction aliens above, didn't you? Well, I'm gonna start of with 5 aliens of my choice (sorry if this upsets you guys D:), and they will be:

    Upchuck Norris




    Ult. Ditto (Fanfic Ver…

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  • Rhysw2002


    November 29, 2013 by Rhysw2002

    Hey guys Rhysw here with a quick blog post! Comment down below if you want Alien of The Month to return!


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  • Gravattack 11

    well,there are new ultimates.

    ultimate albedo,ultimate arcticguana and ultimate gravattack

    they look FANTAWESOME

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  • Alex.ouimet.14268

    Favorite Episode

    November 29, 2013 by Alex.ouimet.14268

    Hey, Well so far my favorite episode of all time is The Ultimate Heist.

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  • Brian Dodd

    Shocking News about Khyber

    November 27, 2013 by Brian Dodd

    I Just Got Back from the Spanish ben10.wikia Were For a Few Brains More aired in Spain on November 25, 2013. Were It Is Reveled That Khyber is afraid of Nemuinas (Pesky Dust's Species)

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  • Timefreezer4

    Who Would Win?

    November 26, 2013 by Timefreezer4

    Who would win, Ultimate Humungousaur or Tyrannopede? I am personally suprised no one has done this yet, I mean its Ultimate prey vs predator! We know Tyrannopede can destroy Humungousaur, being it's natural predator, but how about its ultimate form?!? Please comment below who you think would win.

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  • Blakebookrum

    My favorite Omniverse alien is Feedback Because I think Feedback is a good alien Because he is.

    Ben's first electric alien if you want more tell me!!!!!

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  • BenXpIbrahim


    November 25, 2013 by BenXpIbrahim

    Maybe this old drawing made by derrick j.wyatt of what I believe is bat man and robin will be used to help whampires design:

    it honestly would be awesome if that was whampire's design!

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  • Ziad-Rahman
    • And Then There Were None
    • And Then There Was Ben
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  • Conductoid10

    Most Aliens

    November 24, 2013 by Conductoid10

    Which episode do you think has the most Aliens?

    So, Which one?

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  • Larry1996

    My idea of Arc 7

    November 24, 2013 by Larry1996

    This is how my idea of Arc 7 goes, with some other ideas of my old friend, Tragould.

    Image Title Number
    Clyde Five 61
    Ben meets Clyde, who received his Omnitrix when he was 5 years old, when Vilgax was also searching for that Omnitrix.
    Separation Anxiety 62
    Ben and Rook have to deal with a still-mutated Kevin after his revelation and exile from the Plumbers in "Weapon: XI", while a depressed and heart-broken Gwen is working alone in college.
    Charm School 63
    Charmcaster attacks the Plumbers' academy searching for something, while Alan, Helen, Manny, Lucy and Tack attempt to fight back.
    The Ballad of Mr. Baumann 64
    Mr. Baumann is trying to write a ballad, when Ben and Rook are becoming distractions, and Vulkanus taunting Baumann.
    Fight at the Museum 65

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  • Tyler.brooke
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  • Lord of fish

    ALiens & predators

    November 23, 2013 by Lord of fish

    Ben turns into aliens. The Nemetrix turns into predators. Alien vs. Predator. Coincidence? I think not. (Yes, I know this is stupid, but I thought I should point it out)

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  • Lord of fish


    November 23, 2013 by Lord of fish

    You know how 16-year old Upgrade has the "Eyetrix"? Well, 11 year old Ben's Upgrade doesn't! There's still hope for Omniverse's Upgrade!

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  • Brian Dodd

    Who Is Stronger ?

    November 23, 2013 by Brian Dodd

    Four Arms of Rath

    Manny Armstrong is Only Half Tetramand  so he only has half the strength a Full Flege Tetramand so the fight between him and Rath in Ben 10: Alien Force episode 43 Above and Beyond Dose Not  count as the Decision Maker

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  • Ben101994

    Ok, I was recently on the Cartoon Network website and in the news section of Omniverse it said something about the Duel of the Duplicates special event. It basicall y said that Ben going to need to put all he can in stopping both Khyber and Albedo, even using a, here comes the point, NEW ALIEN.

    Don't believe me here's the link


    So my question to you guys is who is the new alien? Is it the Unknown New Alien or could it be another new alien? Do you think the Unknown New Alien will appear in this episode or in a later episode

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  • LegendaryNinja

    Do you like the aliens used by Albedo in The Ultimate Heist episode? I liked Goop and Ultimate Humungousaur most. The rest of them were a kind of weird.

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  • Gravattack 11

    bana banana banananana

    November 16, 2013 by Gravattack 11

    so i know the new unknown aliens shouts hamehamehanehaa or something like that

    but in the comments you can leave a funny tex for him when he is charging the energy ball


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  • Koka112233


    November 16, 2013 by Koka112233

    ITS awsome

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  • 569822

    the worst aliens of ben 10

    November 11, 2013 by 569822

    1. Toe pick        2. Chamalien      3. Crash Hopper  4. clock work

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  • 569822

    My favorite in the omniverse unviverse is snare oh i hate that name my, opinion i think i would have named him ben mummy but i didnt make the character.Add pic of your fav alien

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  • Larry1996

    The show

    November 9, 2013 by Larry1996

    Yeah, I'm liking the show so far, and I have only one question: Why didn't Ben age after Ultimate Alien along with the others?, he's supposed to be 17 years old, they said Omniverse takes place a few months after Ultimate Alien, in "Many Happy Returns", they said it takes place in Spring Break, that's one year away, in "It's Not Easy Being Gwen", it was August and school was back in, so Ultimate Alien takes place in 2010, and Omniverse takes place in 2011, am I right?

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  • Conductoid10

    Spring Me

    November 9, 2013 by Conductoid10

    Who has a Spring Me account? Anybody leave a comment(qustion) And who ever has a Spring Me account can ask derrick the qustion and then reply to the comment and type the anwser that derrick gave.

    Ask these people.

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  • Muneeb256

    Ultimate Gravattack

    November 7, 2013 by Muneeb256

    What should Ultimate Gravattack be like?

    Powers- Larger, Stronger, More Gravity Powers

    Looks- Dark Brown or something


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  • Ultimate2388

    Ultimate Feedback

    October 30, 2013 by Ultimate2388

    How do you think Ultimate Feedback should look like?

    I need ideas because I'm making my own Ben 10 crossover episodes

    Also what powers do you think he'll have?

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