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This article is about the alien previously known as Benwolf. For the episode, see Benwolf (Episode).

Blitzwolfer official

Blitzwolfer ua

Blitzwolfer os render

General Information
Species Loboan
Home World Luna Lobo
Body Werewolf/Humanoid Canine
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Smelling
Enhanced Hearing
Ultrasonic Howls
Subsonic Howls
Sharp Claws
Sharp Teeth
Voice Actor Tara Strong (Original Series)
Kevin Michael Richardson (Omniverse)
First Appearance Benwolf

Blitzwolfer, formerly known as Benwolf, is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Loboan from Anur Transyl's moon, Luna Lobo in the Anur System.


Blitzwolfer's appearance is based on a werewolf. He has grey fur, a long flowing mane, and a large bushy tail, with three sharp claws on each hand and foot. The inside of his mouth is green. Blitzwolfer wore the original Omnitrix symbol on his lower stomach in the original series.

In Ultimate Alien, Blitzwolfer's mane and tail were black. He retained the same clothing from the original series, his mouth was white and red inside, and he wore the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

In Omniverse, Blitzwolfer has got a new green suit, collar and green wristbands. He now has four claws instead of three. He now has a green tongue and a white belt. His Omnitrix symbol is located on the collar above his fur.

Blitzwolfer's 11 year-old Omniverse design is almost the same as his 16 year-old design. His suit is all white, including the collar, and his wristbands are black.

Powers and Abilities

Blitzwolver subsonic howl

Blitzwolfer emitting subsonic howl

Blitzwolfer can emit a powerful green ultrasonic howl by opening his quadra-hinged muzzle. This can either cause considerable damage to his targets, reflect incoming projectiles, or propel himself upward like a rocket booster.

Blitzwolfer vision

Blitzwolfer's vision

He has enhanced senses of smelling and hearing, as well as enhanced agility, speed, stamina, jumping, durability and strength. He also has extraordinary night vision.

Blitzwolfer also has formidable claws and fangs. Additionally, the claws on his feet can grasp like his hands, much like Kickin Hawk.


Like most Earth canines, he can't handle loud noises, like that of giant bells, because of his sensitive hearing, as seen in An American Benwolf in London.


Ben 10

  • Blitzwolfer first appeared in Benwolf. After the Omnitrix was scratched by the Yenaldooshi, it got stuck between Active Mode and Capture Mode, making Ben turn into Blitzwolfer slowly. Wes thought Ben was turning into a Yenaldooshi because he was bitten by it as Wildvine. However, after the Omnitrix symbol appeared on his stomach, they realized that they were dealing with an alien werewolf. Blitzwolfer turned back to Ben due to the time-out after he saved Max and Wes from a lava flow.

Ultimate Alien



Ben 10

Ben 10: Omniverse


  • Pleasant Dreams

Online Games

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Arabic شبيه الذئب (Shabih Al Thi'b) "Similar to the wolf"
Bulgarian Бенвълк/Benvŭlk From Бен (Ben) and вълк (vŭlk), wolf
Chinese 啸天狼 From 啸天 (Xiào Tiān),roar and (Láng),wolf
Croatian Dlakovuk From Vukodlak, werewolf, Hairy Wolf
Dutch Benwolf From Benwolf
French Loup-garousaure From loup-garou, werewolf and the suffix -saure, -saur
German Blitzwolfer From the original name
Greek Αιφνιδιαστικός Λύκος From αιφνιδιαστικός, blitz and λύκος, wolf
Hungarian Benfarkas
From Ben, and farkas, wolf
From villám, thunder and farkas, wolf
Italian Blitzwolfer From the original name
Korean 벤울프 From 벤울프, Benwolf
Polish BenWilk
From Ben and wilk, wolf
From szybki, fast and Wilkołak, werewolf
Portuguese (Br) Lobisben
From lobis (a corruption of lobo, meaning "wolf") and Ben
From the original name
Romanian Benvarcolac From Ben and varcolac, werewolf
Russian Бенволк From Ben and волк, wolf
Spanish (HA) Loboben
From Lobo, wolf and Ben
From Ben and lobo, wolf
From the original name
Spanish (Spain) Loboben From Lobo, wolf and Ben
Swedish Ben-ulv From Ben and ulv, wolf
Turkish Ben Kurt From Ben and Kurt, wolf


  • Blitzwolfer 4" (original)
  • Alien creation mini figure Blitzwolfer and Wildvine


  • The name Blitzwolfer is a parody of the CNN newscast, "The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer."



Ben changing from Blitzwolfer in the official comic after sleepwalking

  • Kai is fond of Blitzwolfer.
    • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, Kai thinks Blitzwolfer is cute in a pet like way.
  • In a former FusionFall Halloween event, Dracula sold the outfits of Blitzwolfer along with the rest of the Halloween trio.
  • 11 year-old Blitzwolfer replaces Rath in the opening intro at the beginning of Ben 10: Omniverse's Arc 5 "Galactic Monsters".
  • Blitzwolfer is the last alien from the original series to appear in Omniverse.
  • In An American Benwolf in London, Ben renamed Benwolf to Blitzwolfer after seeing Wolf Blitzer on television.
  • In Catfight, it is revealed that Nyancy Chan and her cats are afraid of Blitzwolfer.
  • Blitzwolfer was designed by Steven Choi.[1]


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